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No Assumptions.

In Life,Personal on November 20, 2010 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , , ,

Oh gawd… It has been a long loooooong time since I had this overwhelming attractions with someone… Just by thinking about him already makes me feel warm inside… I smile despite myself and just every word (or text) he says (or send) are all precious memories. I don’t want to do with him! it feels like there could be “something” but it could also be just the hopeful side of me that’s over thinking much. I don’t want to cloud my mind with false pretenses so I will try my darnest not to expect anything.


It would suck if he ends up not liking me at all. But at least at this very moment, he had definitely made an impact in my life. Oh gawd… And tomorrow, a possible first date *A*


I had to be proactive though and asked him. Kinda… It’s complicated to explain but thing is, we’re both gonna watch HP together. I hope together ALONE. Still. HAHA!