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SNSD Subunit: TaeTiSeo

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I would like to start by saying that I am not a fan of subunit amongst SNSD when the rumor floated around April 19th, I was almost heartbroken… But after dissecting the official announcement by SM Entertainment, I think there is still a gleam of hope that none would outshine the other.

SM Entertainment stated, “Girls’ Generation’s subunit will feature the various talents of each Girls’ Generation member by changing the members of the unit according to the music and concept of each new subunit album. This subunit will aim to grab the attention of fans with all aspects of music, performance, and fashion styles.”

Unless SME is toying with us, it seems that the sub-unit would be in rotation. It means, more chances for us to see the gurls do their own thing in depth!!! Because SNSD is not just a dance group but singers. This would be a perfect time to showcase the various talents of the other members!!!! Because to be honest, maybe not as outstanding as Taeyeon, but they all can sing :3

Anyway, As for Twinkle, TaeTiSeo’s first mini-album will be released on May 2nd. I am already dying to hear it!!! It’s almost a dream come true to me that Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun would sing a song together!!! For a moment, I was almost expecting Jessica to be in that sub-group but now I’m rejoicing that it’s Seohyun who actually made the cut! Oh my gawd! My top 3 Soshi singers are all together!!!!! This is the answer to my prayers!!!! LOLOLOL!!!! As you know, I don’t even rank Jessica as one of my top 5 singers…. But regardless…

If SME would abide to “three-member-subgroup“, the concept is okay with me. And to be honest, while reading some AKP comments, there was a certain post that grabbed my attention as to who should be grouped together. According to Pikuhboo on his/her comment on AKP:

TaeTiSeo – Ballad
SicSunSoo – Beat up
YoonYulHyo – Rap

That would be about accurate! TaeTiSeo with their soulful and emotional voice singing a ballad, SicSunSoo with their high pitch voice fitting for a fun-cutesy song, and YoonYulHyo’s low pitch and heavy voice quality that is perfect for rapping just like in “The Boys” :3

Initially, I really hated this idea because to me, SNSD is the Power of 9 but now, I’m actually looking forward to what these gurls have in store! If we can support them doing TV/Musical acting, variety shows, MC’ng, SEPARATELY, why not support them as a sub-group as well? My mind is now opened with the idea :3


TaeTiSeo???!?!!?! TTS for short??!!?!???!?!?!??? For a dysLEXIEc person like me, it’s easy to read it as TITS any day! For goodness’ sake!!! They should’ve named them TaeNySeo instead… Not to fuel any existing shipping in this fandom but, it sounds better… Iuno… Just ranting and quite irrelevant, really… HAHA!!!!

Oh well, towel, ’til May 2nd!!!! I’m already counting the days!!! HAHA! Go Soshi!!!!

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