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So Much BoA!

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Okay. I wasn’t able to blog yesterday but I’m not gonna cheat by changing the date on here just to satisfy my 365 days of blogging. It’s a tough commitment to make so I’ll just do my best.

A-NY-WAY, today we have our lab day that will be held at Pinstripe in Oakbrook. Maybe that’s why I woke up even before my alarm clock went off.


So since I have a lot of time, I opened my Twitter app and was greeted by a looooot of BoA news!

So in January, she will be on Knowing Brothers as a guest!!! Do you know how rare it is to see BoA on variety shows??? This is amazing!!! And she’s gonna be wearing a school uniform! So legendary! I think the last time we saw her in school uniform was in Key of Heart with Dong Hae. That was back in 2006!

And then they confirmed that she will release a new song (it’s conflicting coz some said it’s just a song and then some said a Korean album so I’ll stick with a ‘song’ since it’s more probable)! Ermegehrd! I hope it won’t be an SM Station song please!!! But still excited for her new material!

And then of course the Japanese album in February, on Valentine’s day no less, and Japanese album concert on March and April! As you know, I am going to said concert so yaaaayyy!

And lastly, her own variety show Keyword BoA, is still confirmed to be on air on January 21st! Yes babbbyyyyu! More variety show from the queen!!!

Ugh. So much good things and it’s only 5:30 in the morning!

Anyway, gonna get ready for lab day now. Call time for carpool is around 6:30am!