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Call From Australia

In Everyday,Fun,Life on May 16, 2018 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , , , , , , , ,

Out of nowhere, my best friend called me. Haha!

Because I don’t check Facebook, I wasn’t aware that she recently completed her grand Euro trip with her husband! Ermegehrd! They were able to see a lot of countries in their trip and I’m so jealous and happy for them! It was such a great experience for the both of them!

They visited, Prague, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, France, Monaco, Italy, Scotland just to name a few. YES. There were more places on their itinerary!

Ughhhhh. I’m so jelly!!! One day, I’ll be able to save just enough money to do my grand vacation as well! I mean, I can do that but I’m not sure if my work will permit it because US is very stingy about giving their employees paid time off. Sighhhhh.

Such hindrance!!!

Anyway, we talked about a lot of stuff too. And surprisingly, a good chunk of our conversation is about K-pop. Lolololol! I’m so shocked about her vast knowledge about that topic so I feel so proud of her :3

She also mentioned about the keto diet and intermittent diet combo. Hmmm… I needa do some research on that coz it seems attractive to me. Haha! We’ll see :3

Anyway, as usual, it was a great chat with her. Before we know it, we ended up talking for more than an hour! My ghad. Good times :3