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Going back home

In Everyday,Fun,Life,Rant on September 3, 2018 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , , , , , ,

It’s too quick! Our Labor day weekend vacation was over just like that…

I slept well, like always (damn, I really want to change my mattress!) and woke up when they told us breakfast was ready.

So I took a quick bath and had a really heavy breakfast, thinking that we’ll be leaving right after that.

I had two avocados, beef steak, and two servings of crepe. MY GHAD. WHAT IS DIET. I even had a little bit of Tim Horton’s.

After breakfast, we rested a little bit and then checked out the house for sale besides my cousins house. Tita kept on saying that she wanted to move there. That would be great. Haha!

Anyway, shortly after, we had pizza hut! So I ate three pieces of pizza and two fried chicken. I mean, I ready ruined my diet anyway, so what’s the point of holding back.

It was a little after 3pm when we left Canada and we’re still on the road. Busying my tome reading The Kite Runner so at least, I’m entertained. But damn, I’m screwed for tomorrow when I go back to work…