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Monster Ball

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I went to Monster Ball last March 31 with Jennifer :3

Around mid-Feb, Jenniful just randomly asked me if I wanted to go to a Lady Gaga concert and I was like ‘Yeeeeaaaah’!!!!

So she bought us the tickets and I requested the day off that day. Haha! Yes! I did that!

I was really anticipating the concert! I didn’t think Jenn was all that interested but she seemed excited as well. She even asked me if imma dress up as Lady Gaga. Uhhhh, I never intended to, actually… Sorry. But the other people who went all out was cute :3

Anyway, while waiting for her, I watched Tangled for the nth time that day. As soon as she got here, we had a quick dinner at Niko Niko. We had sushi! Jenn bought beer and I got me self a hot sake. Hahahaha!

I think getting a little drunk is the best way to enjoy the concert even more! Te-hee!!!!

On the way, we were using Jenn’s new droid to direct us to the place. And goodness gracious! Even with the navigation, I managed to get ourselves lost! REALLY, LEXIE? REALLY? Your amazing lack (of sense) of direction is AMAZING.

But I blamed it on the droid I don’t know how to use and the missing signs in the freeway. Haha, very mature…

Anyhoo, since we got the tickets real late, we can’t really expect a great seat either. But its all cool since at least, the screen was right in front of us. And goodness, the sound system was so awesome that it was just like a party! Haha!

The show started with a front act of a band I don’t know. Jenn and I agreed that they made us feel sleepy no matter how energetic they were. I think its the alcohol acting up. And i swear to god, the dude was gay. The gurl, she might be lesbo but who cares. It’s the Monster Ball!

And well, while waiting for mother Monster, Jenn and I just talked. And then, people started to do the wave and screaming and applauding and everything’s just crazy! Haha!

‘I’m a free bitch, baby’ started echoing in the whole dome and everybody started going even more crazy! Haha! Shortly after, Lady Gaga started her performance!

Wow! She’s so amazing on stage! She owned it! Her dancing and singing was superb! Her props was top notch. There was this truck that transformed itself into a piano and this scary looking ‘Fame Monster’ too! So talented!

I love how she interacted with the audience a lot as well. She took their gifts (the concert was a few days after her bday, btw) and posed for pictures. The people by the stage was so lucky!

There was this particular clever stunt done by a fan as well. The fan threw a jacket. Lady Gaga picked it up and was told to look inside the pocket where she found a walkie talkie! Haha! She was literally exchanging conversation at the other end! Woo!

And she also gave a special seat to a random dude near the stage. She was so nice! During her performances, she kept on telling the audience to be proud of who we are and to be not afraid. That we are beautiful and we are loved. Jenn agreed that she was really inspiring… I gotta give it to her…

So yeah. For all of her performances, she sang live! We were singing and dancing and PAWS IN THE AIR!


I was so glad I was there and celebrated the whole event with everybody! Yay! I wish I’ll have this experience again soon!


(unfortunately, I don’t have a camera so this is the only proof I have that I was there)