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Ah Byul Bong

In Everyday,Fandom,Fun,Life,Music,Personal on December 27, 2018 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Yes, fellow Jumpings… the ultimate weapon of any stans out there, the merchandise that will define the fandom…


…is finally in my possession (soon)!!!

It was announced that the Lightstick will be available for pre-order today 12/27, so I was monitoring it closely. The first store I checked have it on pre-sale. The price wasn’t so bad, it was 32$.


But JFC, the shipping fee is 33$!!! The fak. Is more expensive than the item itself!!!!

I kid you not, I had a momentary panic attack and I almost didn’t get it coz no matter how blinded of a fan I am sometimes, the price is just so ridiculous… so I searched a little bit more and discovered another place that sells it!

So, right there and then, I signed up for Gmarket.

The place sells the lightstick for the same price but at least the shipping fee is only 18$! Yay! I’d take that bargain!!! IT’S STILL A BARGAIN!!!

I don’t know when it will be shipped but I’m hoping it’ll be soon! Especially that the concert is just around the corner… EEP! I CANNOT WAIT!!!