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Whenever you get those WTF moments.

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You know how whenever you’re taking your shower, all those weird thoughts comes to mind?



I had a similar scenario just a while ago. It was so random. I was just brushing my teeth as usual, and because it takes a while for me to go through my dental routine, I was thinking about getting a dog. But getting dogs are tricky business so I was like, maybe a cat… I mean, they are self reliant and cute so it’s a win-win situation when it comes down to it.

But it didn’t end there, still brushing my teeth, I proceeded to thinking up a name for the said cat that prolly wouldn’t even come into an existence given our living situation but in any case, instead of thinking of an original name, in my mind, I decided to name it Reiah since it was my favorite baby name anyway. I don’t think imma have a baby with my hormonal problem and family thingy so why not.

And then–

Without the slightest warning–

As if it was an insignificant thought–

It hits me.








Okay, that’s it for some useless commentary. Reiah, the name I was supposed to name my future daughter (Kevs for my son because Kevin Richardson of Backstreet Boys!), was actually based from my favorite Sailor Senshi REI HINO! Hence, the unconventional name spelling I would hope my future daughter wouldn’t hate me for. HAHA!

(But yes future daughter, you were named after an anime character! I love you so much!)

(Please don’t hate me for that, future daughter! I was literally 13 years old when I came up with this name! Don’t take it against me!)