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Love Rain

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Instead of saying that it is slow and boring, i think Love Rain was more like a detailed moving narration of a beautiful story that, well, took its time. Yet, the very second I started watching Love Rain, I knew quite immediately that I would LOVE it.

To be honest, Love Rain isn’t exactly the type of drama I would’ve watched. Truth be told, I never even had a great expectation out of it, regardless if it was YoonA in it. I was even expecting myself to be quite bored of it especially at the very beginning but it ended up being the exact opposite!!!

I think, I fell in love with it’s cinematography and script. It was like watching a movie. The careful handling of all the scenes, the actors and actresses, the soundtrack, the story… Everything was so perfect!

I found myself taking interest with the parent’s love story as well! And they acted their part so well!!!

I was amazed just how delicate they handled the way they paralleled the parent’s story from their children’s budding love story as well.. It was so meaningful and precious…

I don’t know what people were saying about YoonA’s acting being bland or mere ‘passable’ but I thought differently. She definitely had the potential to be a greater actress :3 and she played both roles really, really well!!! I dare say she’s even better than Kim Tae Hee. At least YoonA doesn’t feel unnatural with her character portrayal whatnot. OMG… Especially for the first few episodes… It was really so heart quenching… Y U do this Im YoonA???!?!!!?!?!!!?

And I would also have to say that YoonA looked absolutely stunning in the drama! I admit she’s even at the bottom of my list when it comes to my SNSD bias category but I have so much respect for this gurl.


You would have to watch her more to know how beautiful her personality is, and she’s very talented in her own right.

The rest of the cast really fits the whole drama, really. And such pretty people, too!!!

Yoon Hee – Hana’s mother. She is so incredibly pretty!!!

In Ha – Joon’s Father

Currently at episode 11 and I just can’t get enough of it!!!

I do not understand how it’s not well received in Korea but I am absolutely sure it’s a major hit in the other countries!!! Japan, China, Philippines, Thailand are just some of the countries that bought its rights. There were 12 countries in total who bought the rights for this drama, mind you.

Oh well, I hope it gets better :3 (though I know it will)

Love Rain fighting~


That picture and scene was really, really nice and touching and sweet and such an aawwwwww moment but I can’t help being so disturbed with the shoes Jang Geun Suk was wearing… Ugh!!!!

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