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Winter Solstice.

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Actually, yesterday was the Winter Solstice but today, we celebrated it with R’s sister’s family.

We went to Kura Revolving Sushi Bar and I gotta say, it was actually great! It will give you the authentic Japanese feel (even how narrow and compact the booths are) of a restaurant in Japan as long as you ignore all the non-Asian servers in the place (which is prolly 80% of them).

The food was amazing. It tasted fresh and was well presented. They even had a team up with Naruto merchandise so every 15 plates that you consume, you get a gachapon. Haha!

I have no qualms about the place and would want to go there again if we can.

Also R’s sister gave us a gift! He got a nice jacket and I got a necklace! That was unexpected and really thoughtful :3

For dinner, we had hotpot at home so yeah, it was a great day :3