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My first ever meal prep is a success!!! My breakfast food actually tasted so good! I was actually shocked! And then combining it with avocado, actually made it really filling! I didn’t even think about eating my yogurt in between my shift before lunch because I was still full! That’s so weird!!!

However, I will drop buying myself yogurt coz it’s not really good for my type of diet coz it’s high in carbs. I need to find an alternative and I think that would be almonds. I already bought a big bag from Sam’s so it’ll be my best friend from now on.

For the first time ever too, I consumed less than a 100g of Carbs! To give you an idea, I always consume about 180-210g of carbs each day, so consuming 77g carbs on my first official day with the meal prep and all, that’s actually commendable! It’ll be lower than that tomorrow too since I’ll be discarding the yogurt. Hmpf!

Dinner wasn’t as filling as breakfast tho but at least I won’t feel the hunger while sleeping so I’ll manage.

Hope to really keep this up!