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He Burned My Room!

In Life,Personal,Rant on October 21, 2018 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , , , ,

So for a couple of days, I wasn’t at home because I was staying with R to kinda take care of him during her post operative tooth extraction (he ended up taking care of me, instead).

And I was having a great time just spending even the idle times with him because we don’t usually have this chance together. He even prepared my bubble bath for two nights!

So imagine my shock when I finally got home after an awesome long weekend and saw the disaster my cousin left when he stayed over.

Ughhhhhhhh! So apparently, my mom allowed him to stay in my room for the night. But instead of being a good boy and stay put, he apparently lit my NEW scented candle where my jade bracelet is currently sitting (I was trying to mask the scent of the threads with an apple scent so I had it absorbing the candle scent). And I guess he realized that by lighting up my NEW candle, he was burning my bracelet so he must’ve panicked and knock it all over the place because he ended up burning my favorite comforter, the carpet, my charging cord and my bracelet!!!!!!!!!

I was seething the whole time after I discovered the crime!!!!! My parents didn’t know either coz he didn’t inform anybody.

This is sooooo fucking unacceptable!!! That brat almost burned down our house!!!! And his explanation for lighting up my NEW candle? He said that he farted and it stinks so bad so he wanted to get rid of it by lighting up my NEW candle. (Emphasize on the ‘new’ because ugh! I wanted to use it first!!!)


His mom apologized for what happened but not about the unacceptable attitude/bad manners her son displayed. Didn’t even mention anything about replacing the comforter or my charging cord.

Ugh! I’m still so upset! I hope he’s old enough not to need supervision anymore coz I’m so done with him!!!!!!

(Also, he ate most of my brother’s protein bar and my almonds. He also rummaged through the pantry and ate the popcorn we were saving. Like wtf is wrong with this kid??? So thick face!)