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I’ll Fight Them!

In Life,Personal,Rant on November 21, 2018 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , ,

I unexpectedly received an email from our Association today. Thought I won’t hear from them til Monday but ugh, it’s not good news.

So basically, they don’t wanna fix the drainage system. They said that it should be our responsibility to fix it.

And sure, we can do that, but it won’t be a permanent solution!!! If our sink clogs every six months even after a professional help, I think there’s a bigger problem.

But of course, that rude plumber who looked at our pipes basically spouted some nonsense! And claimed that we are pouring grease to our pipes like… IS HE FUCKING SERIOUS????!!?!?

Would I really waste time and hassle the whole family just to damage our own, and only property in the US???!!!?!? What a fucking joke!!!!

I was infuriated! Ughhh!!!

Sure, there’s grease there but I could swear on my life and all my family members that it’s not our doing and prolly something the previous homeowners must’ve done.



I couldn’t help myself in the email and really gave them an earful. I know I should’ve asked them humbly but ghad, I can’t let that one go. The blatant claim that we did that on purpose!!!! Even now, I’m still really mad. Ugh.

So well, since we have a thing tomorrow for Thanksgiving, I borrowed the lab’s ‘snake’ and my dad will have to rod our pipes himself. For the meantime.

Then I’ll propose we hire a plumber to scope the pipes and see if there are a inherent problems down the line. Coz if there is, THEN I WOULD REALLY HAVE TO INVOLVE THE ASSOCIATION!


But til then, we’ll temporary fix it and then see for any cheap plumbing companies…