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A Win For Me

In Everyday,Life,Personal,Rant on December 7, 2018 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , , , , ,

So yesterday, I got a little upset because after telling my coworker how to maintain our sandblaster to keep it in shape for a long, long time, he ignored me.


And repeated his bad ways even after I explained it to him. Like… wtf does he take me for? A dramatic know-it-all?

Well, too bad that I’m not someone who would just ignore something like that because I genuinely care for my work.

A-ny-way, I first informed our maintenance guy about it via text yesterday and today, he came up to our department and talked to my manager so we can address this.

But apparently, our maintenance guy have noticed that there has been a lot of issues with our sandblaster and it only ever came up after that new coworker came into the lab! So ha! He’s already causing problems! See! And the way the maintenance guy explained why it os impertinent that we turn off the machine was the same reason I explained to that new coworker!


So earlier today, my manager made a big announcement about it! He didn’t single out a single person but it’s so obvious who it was intended for and although it made me uncomfortable coz it’s obvious I told on him, at this point, I don’t care.

And I shouldn’t be reading into things but after the announcement, the new coworker got up and called out, ‘Yes, boss!’…

Again, I shouldn’t be overanalyzing stuff but to me, it seemed like he ignored me because I am not a person in power. That, or because I am a woman. My CAD manager did tell me that he’s a bit patriarchal because of his religion so whatever. That’s separate from work so if I see something that won’t benefit the lab, I am sure to speak up.


But for today, I feel triumphant! Lol! I’m being petty… oh well, at least on Monday, I wouldn’t have to cover in that department anymore so not my problem anymore. Haha!