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Take a sit and calm yo tits: A sorta Make Your Move movie review

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Okay. At my age, I try as much as I can to be a nice Jumping BoA with an open mind… But sometimes, it’s really just so hard. Especially the past few years when she’s not as active like before and group idols have been from prevalent.


So my issue here now is that, a lot of netizens has been leaving a lot of harsh comments about BoA’s recent Make Your Move movie.




I’ve seen the movie myself and although it wasn’t what you would call a blockbuster movie, heck, it was a cliche one at that, I want to stress that it wasn’t half bad as some people have been saying.


There was certainly a plot there, and a good enough production stages, only it wasn’t executed very well because of the many elements in the story:

  1. Donny and Aya’s budding relationship
  2. The brother’s feud
  3. Michael’s manipulative ways to make Aya his bride
  4. Aya’s quest to launch her cobu group
  5. Donny’s issue with his parole
  6. And a whole lot more


There might be a bit of scenes that were probably rushed and wasn’t patched up together, too. I won’t lie about that but if you’ll get way pass that, it’s a movie worthy of a rewatch.




I, personally have low expectations for the movie and I was expecting the worst kind of disappointment as I waited for it’s premier. Heck, I don’t even watch dance flicks. But honestly, I enjoyed it more than I expect I would. HAHA! I love the chemistry between Donny and Aya. Their couple dance was really hot and sexy and full of passion that even as a big YunBoA shipper myself, I firmly believe that BoA can not have the same explosive dance if it’s not with Derek.


I’m glad BoA got the chance to participate in this movie because it gave us a chance to see a side of her that we’ve never seen before. The passion and sensuality she fluidly delivered as she danced, the new dance genre, a whole new different dance presentation… It was really something else. I was enthralled just watching her… It was those scenes where she truly shined.




Her acting is of course not as polished but you can see the potential. And might I add that she spoke English 95% of the time and man, this little giant is unstoppable! I also appreciate the fact that she tried to modify her character to stay true to her roots. Even the small details where she chose not to sing for the movie just so she could exemplify a different side of her was admirable. And although I couldn’t understand it the first time and was actually one of those people who was bitching about her non-involvement in the OST, I came to understand more about it when she finally spilled everything in an interview.


She’s seriously not somebody who would just ditch a certain thing without proper reasoning. And she’s so professional at everything she does.


But here’s the thing.


Apart from all the greatness and achievement under her belt, there are of course some failures along the way. And although it is very natural for any human being, it just upsets me that two failures suddenly reduced all her achievements to nothing. And she built her career in the whole 14 years of her life! She dedicated more than half of her life for us!




It was vexing. How people say she’s not relevant anymore and that everything she does is flop. It does give me physical pain hearing those hurtful words and I want to freakin punch their faces for it. BoA is on her way to transition into another type of artistry and for people to bring her down automatically is sickening and they really should do something about those rotten attitude. I can’t even begin to describe them.


So yeah.


I’m not too sure where I am going with this but I hope people can be more accepting and more constructive with their criticism with BoA. You can see that she’s trying so hard and that she really wanted to improve herself. To suddenly dismiss everything she’s done and the effort she put into her craft, that’s seriously the lowest of all lows and shame on you.


As a fan who embraces the good and the bad about her, I’ll always hope for the best in all her endeavors. And as long as she does things that makes her happy, I am happy. She’s too big a person to let menial people get her down. As if.


BoA jjang!