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On behalf of the CAD Department…

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…I wanna tell you that you’re being so disrespectful to all of us.

You guessed it! This post is another dedication to the person I dislike so much at work, S.

So in the afternoon, we scheduled a CIP follow up meeting. This is to talk about how our documentation fared and if anything, discuss solutions that we came up with to improve, if not solve, the problems we were having.

Honestly, we didn’t know how to direct the whole flow of the session so we were winging it. We started by addressing the problems we prioritized from the last meeting, with our Champions pretty much updating us on our progress.

Incidentally, it was my CAD manager who was first on the list so he started tackling the issue.

All this time, S wasn’t even paying attention. She wasn’t looking at anybody and was freakin’ doodlin’ on a paper! Like seriously? Your manager is talking and you can’t be bothered to listen or respond to his question.

Such attitude!

And then when it was her turn to speak up because she is the Champion of one of the issues we needed to tackle, she pretended that she didn’t know that she was suppose to handle that case!

Like… wtf. We were all present when this was being assigned to an individual… her fucking name was even on the board! But noooooooooooo… she didn’t know that she was supposed to champion it.

And tbh, she was the one who fuckin’ brought up all the problems in CAD too! All she wants is to complain but doesn’t want to think of a solution to improve the situation.

So I told her, that with that attitude, it makes us not want to help her. Somewhere along the line. Because, we area all adults here. We have responsibilities, and she didn’t want to do shit but complain.

She claimed that she did tell her issues with somebody but nothing is being done. So we told her that that is the reason why we have CIP! To finally handle those problems as a team. And it’s not like nobody can help her. She just doesn’t want to use her brain to find a solution which is so… ARRRRGGGGG!!!

You can totally tell that the whole atmosphere was so somber because of her. She prolly feels like we are all bullying her, perhaps, but my ghad, with that disrespectful attitude and uncooperativeness, who would tolerate her? If only I can put into words how she acted throughout the whole thing, my ghad,it would a long read.

Plus she kept on talking over my CAD manager. She wouldn’t let him finish and explain stuff. She’s just so…. ugh!!!

The Digital Specialist called her out too. The Digital Specialist said that if she can document each time her computer crashes, how come she can’t do it when gathering information about her CIP project?

It’s so ridiculous.

And the little fucker, she even freakin’ pointed at me for smiling in. Very hostile way like, wtf is she? I’m not grinning at her. As much as possible, I don’t want to even talk or look at her. I was smiling about something else, about the CAD manager addressing me as a ‘him’ without a thought and she got all hostile and remarked how I’m not taking her seriously like… SERIOUSLY?????

The look on my coworkers face were pure shock coz she totally went off tangent there. I feel like she’s so obsessed with me in a way that everything I say or do may be about her but eww. I try so hard not to even include her in my daily life as much as possible. But she’s such a great person to blog about so imma do it each time I can! Haha!

So yeah, in front of everybody in that room, she made a fool of herself. She just proved how rotten her personality is and how bad she is as a team member. She’s just so… useless.

  • And then after the meeting, when she was gone, a few of us recounted what happened in the conference room and it really proved that we all felt the same way about that meeting.
  • Welp, jokes on her.
  • She’s the one destroying her career. I just wish my CAD manager would have some balls to tell her off but he’s too nice. Oh well, towel. I’ll just try my best to ignore her even more.