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The Soul Anniversary

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the soul


The Soul (2003)

To Miyari, the world was dead. To Fumiyo, the world was silent.

But with such loneliness, the two souls found each other. Indeed they were happy but the happiness was bounded by suffering… Along the way, a friend was hurt. Trust was broken. A heartbreak.


But love will surely prevail, however the string of fate wills them. Until the end…

– – –

I can’t believe I’ll be celebrating The Soul’s 10th year anniversary today. I still ca’t process this important milestone that just hit me like a whirlwind. HAHA!!!

Wow, we’ve come this far…

TBH, the story itself is pretty much done. I’ve laced together the beginning and the end. It’s all inside my head. I just need a physical proof of it. LOL! But if you’ll allow me, I would love to discuss more about this story at length next time. Just so we’re clear, it was written by a 14 year old kid back in highschool so in a way, majority of you would think this story as probably very shallow.


The very first page of The Soul manga (April 16, 2003)

But trust me when I say that the character development, as I write more about them through the years, isn’t exactly what you would dismiss right away. Like I said in my other post, I love how I pretty much grew up with these characters. How each characters identified a part of me as their creator. I’m not sure if you’ll understand the beauty of being a creator but it’s so self fulfilling that I’m just overwhelmed with feelings right now. HAHA!

Fumiyo, Miyari, Tetsuno, Shiya, Reiko, Kira, Aya, Yuu, Natsuki, Ken and Ryu already became my extended family. And until the day I die, I will never ever forget about them.

Forever part of a special memory of this lifetime ❤






tumblr_ldsxej5QwY1qap5kjo1_1280 tumblr_limtwgSZgk1qap5kjo1_1280


Seeing my old feelings makes me all teary eyed. HAHA! How nostalgic!!! This family grew so much! I love everybody and I would love to draw more of them in the future. HAHA!!! I should stop having my own bias :p

Oh. before I end the pic spam, here’s some bonus:




HAHA! icky drawings! Blast from the past!!! I think I need to kill myself… This is so embarrassing OMG. HAHA!!!

Well, thanks for celebrating with me! I enjoyed celebrating today! Kekekekeke!

Here’s for another 10 years!