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SNSD Project: Kim Taeyeon

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Couple of weeks ago, I brought up a personal proposal to myself, for me to write an entry featuring each of the members of SNSD. It wasn’t supposed to be like this but because I was caught in a dilemma choosing my ultimate bias in the group, I just didn’t have a choice… I couldn’t. 

Seriously. I really like each of the gurls, that choosing just one bias is almost impossible. And in the end, it happened this way. 

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Kim Taeyeon

I knew about SNSD through the drama ‘You are Beautiful’ when they had the ‘Genie’ parody. That was back in 2009.

Forgot about them until the SM Town concert in LA (late 2010) where I was introduced to ‘aegyo‘. All thanks to the Koreaboo ‘aegyo contest’ prior to the actual SM concert. I didn’t know what it meant at the time but thought it was interesting. When I got back home, I actually researched about it (I honestly didn’t know why I even bothered) and apparently, the number one video that came up for ‘aegyo’ was none other than ‘Sunny‘. At the time, of course I didn’t know she was referred to as the Queen of aegyo until later.

Sunny was the first one who lead me to SNSD but it was through a Taeyeon vid that got me interested in their group.

Haha! Coincidentally, Taeyeon became my bias as well. Why? Ah, there would be a gazillion reasons to answer that but let’s narrow it down for you.

5 Major things to love about Taeyeon:

1. Taeyeon has the greatest singing voice in the group, and anybody could agree to that. It’s not just because she can hit high notes but because she gives off a very emotional rendition of any songs. You can feel her passion through her songs. She’s very expressive. I love SNSD as a whole package, Power of 9, but if the time will come they would have to disband, I would still like to see Taeyeon even as a solo artist…

2. Taeyeon’s dorky tendencies. I mean sure, each members has their own dorky side but Taeyeon.. Oh Taeyeon…! She does it so effortlessly! Unlike other members who would probably try hard, hers just comes naturally. I think it’s also because she’s small with kid-like features. It’s just so cute!!!

3. Taeyeon’s laugh. Ah… Her laugh is exceptional and infectious!!! It’s the type of shameless laugh that sounds just like an ahjumma. It’s so distinct that even without looking, anybody would know that it’s her! Haha! AhjummaTaeng!

4. Taeyeon’s kid like traits. Seriously, who would compare a guy buying you ice cream, just so she could go out with him, similar to ‘kidnapping’? Only Taeyeon will use that analogy because she likes ice cream too much! And she likes those ‘pea in a pod‘ cutie pillows, too! And she really doesn’t put any effort to be graceful unlike the others. She’s more relaxed. Tho I hope she switches back to a darker blond hair color and lesser make up coz sometimes she looks older with her blond hair… And to add her super exhausted look :c Taeyeon~na, hwaiting!

5. Taeyeon is very considerate. If you’re observant enough, during interviews, she’s the type to let others speak before doing so herself. It’s not because she’s being lazy (leave that for Jessica. That’s her job, lol!) because she does have her own opinions but it’s more like giving the others the chance to be more expressive. She’s not arrogant to always make herself stand out especially that she’s the group’s leader. She’s just very generous and would rather stay out if the limelight both in support and trust towards her members.

AND OMIGOD!!!!! Just right now, Taeyeon’s new OST Drama single for “The King 2Hearts” just came out entitled “Missing You Like Crazy“!!! How fitting for today’s post!!! I didn’t expect that her single would be released at the strike of midnight. I am eternally happy! Too many SNSD news today! Fashion King and Love Rain… Not to mention the fact that Tiffany will be singing the theme song for Love Rain! Oh my Lord! I am rejoicing!!!!

Anyhoo, clickie~ Drama OST Missing You Like Crazy

Thanks for reading this humble post of mine… SONEs unite!!!! SNSD hwaiting!!!!

Posting cause I haven't seen any sexy pic of Taeyeon. She's always been on the dorkier side. HAHA! fanservice to y'all!