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Review: Rich Dad, Poor Dad

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I think I was mislead by this book.

Now in my thirties, I’m beginning to be interested with Personal Finance. I can’t be the carefree person anymore who spends my hard earned money mindlessly.

My friend suggested this book and so I picked it up and started reading. And my ghad, it was so difficult to digest the message of this book.

I thought this will help me identify ways to save or invest my money. Instead, he just told long-winded stories about how he achieved his wealth but not really detailing how everything worked out for him. Tbh, I don’t even know if any of those actually ever happened. He seemed to know every imaginable person in every type of situations that he could site as an example in this book to strengthen his argument. He could have known those people, but it’s just so ‘convenient’. But then again, he’s a Best Selling Author, not a Best Writing Author…

Also, the other thing that was so difficult for me to agree with, was how he downplayed people on a professional field. How can you spite people who chose education? As if they are doing something soooo wrong?

He keeps on mentioning about leaving the ‘rat race‘ and just invest your money to real estate, whatnot. That that’s where the money’s at.

But you know what, in this economy, just getting into that ‘rat race’ is hard enough as it is… just to earn a few thousand dollars would literally take some people YEARS just to save. And he talks about buying properties in tens and hundred of thousands?


If you’re planning to get on track with your finances, this is not the book for you. He only tells you unrealistic goals and would just make you feel bad for paying the bills first before paying yourself back because you’re not stupid enough to put yourself at such high risk that could cost you to lose everything.

Some people are just not there yet. And instead of motivating you, I felt that he just trampled on people who are just getting by day by day.

I mean sure, the goal is to be financially free. But it’s not that easy like how he made it look like. It was so linear, how he only ever really approached the topic of getting rich in the circumstances that he was in, which is far more favorable than some of us who aren’t so lucky. If he had approached the topic of getting rich using different situations that anybody can identify with, I would probably change my opinion about this book but he missed the chance to do so…

I want to be financially literate. And he’s right, a lot of people are not focusing on this subject. But the way he presented it is just so unbelievable. You should pick up a different book instead.

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