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Side Hustle.

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It is such a strange time we’re living right now. Everything’s been closed down. No malls, entertainment outlets and most devastatingly, physical contact have been discouraged! This has been our life for 2 months now… Never in my wildest dream have I ever expected something so bleak would ever happen in this lifetime.

I don’t know how it will shape our future. Because what our normal before COVID19 could be very different after all this have died down. And it’s only been a few months since the virus really paralyzed the whole world! Just mere months to disconnect us from our old life! It’s so scary…

And of course, besides the fear of getting infected, the fact that my job is also in jeopardy is honestly the thing that makes me very anxious. Like everybody, I have bills to pay. I can’t afford to lose my main stream of income because unfortunately, I don’t have an 8 month emergency funds saved up yet. It is embarrassing to share this to everyone but it is the truth that I need to accept. I am working on it though so don’t think that I’m just being irresponsible. I just find it the most important to free myself from debt first before starting to save up because those high interest rate is evil… Gotta get rid of them quickly!

Anyway, since Illinois have ordered a shelter in place since March, and we don’t have a lot of cases to keep our lab 100% operational because dental offices have been closed, we are only asked to work for a few hours a week… Suddenly, I have a lot of free time. HAHA!

I might be anxious in my new reality right now but I am not completely hopeless. For the past few months, I’ve actually used this time to educate myself and be productive. I’ve been playing  table tennis almost every day as my form of exercise (I miss you, gym!), I still read my books (reading Circe at this time of writing), and I have been educating myself when it comes to investing! I am now an investor!!! Would you believe it??? And I love it! To be actively involved in the stock market like this instead of just sending money to my retirement account automatically…

Now, I find myself checking my Robinhood account (CLICK HERE TO GET A FREE STOCK!) constantly! I also read a lot of articles so I don’t just blindly buy stocks. It feels liberating to know how you can handle your money and to know that you actually have a plan for the future!

Besides that, I am also in my research phase on getting myself out there to be a small entrepreneur. Yes! Besides doing graphic arts, my brother was able to convince me to, you know, open up a store and sell my drawings. I’ve actually touched upon the idea once or twice before. But I was just not motivated enough to start… But now that I have a lot of time, you know what?


Who cares if it won’t take off right away? Nothing is ever easy…. Plus, my goal is to have an existing passive income so why not! I’ll put myself out there as much as I can. I have to do that first step! And so I will! And I did! I just finished the first picture I will put up in my “future” store.


This is just a WIP obviosuly but guys, I think I actually did a good job with my first artwork so I am super satisfied! I am already working on my second artwork so very soon, I really need to find a store where I would want to sell them. One at a time! At least I’ve gone over the hardest part of the process which is to actually start!!!

*pats self*

And oh, lastly, I am also exploring the possibility of me signing up to be an affiliate marketing blog! Because… why the hell not???

I am already reading books and putting up reviews for them. Why not monetize the content I’m already writing? I am passionate about writing book reviews and I already do it consistently anyway so I think it could might as well be another passive income that I could build upon.

I actually already messaged a website that offers this kind of program. Just waiting for their reply to answer one of my questions. I haven’t gone back and check up on it in a few days so that should be my goal soon. I’ll have to check other websites too so I can have options.

Hope for the best! And I hope all of you are keeping safe!