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Wreck It Ralph 2

In Fandom,Fun,Life,Personal,review on November 24, 2018 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , , , ,

I’ve been really waiting forward for this second installment for this series because I really loved the first one!

So basically, the premise for this movie was them, going to the internet.

And wow… they outdid themselves creating the world of the internet! Everything was so fascinating, colorful, and creative! I really looked forward to the way they are gonna pull it off and they did great about it!

But for some reason, I wasn’t so attached to it as I thought I’d be. There seems to be something lacking to make it perfect? I’m not sure what but I wasn’t blown away by it.

Whenever the princesses where shown tho, I felt really giddy!!! It was the best part!!! It was such a treat to see them all together… ghad! I love them to death!!! Haha!

If only something like this will happen again… but oh well, can’t really ask for more. Ahihihi!

All in all, I’ll still recommend the movie! So go check it out!