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Muay Thai Yeah!

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It’s been three weeks. Yes. Three weeks since I got my ass to do some shit. Finally signed up for Muay Thai. 



At first, my cousin and I just wanted to do the regular gym. But the first place we went to had a very rude receptionist. The others don’t offer cardio machines and some, dominated by the male species. It was actually out of sheer luck when we went to Lotus to check out any badminton lessons when we saw Elorde’s Boxing gym (not too sure if I spelled it right. Needa check if it’s double ‘L’. Haha!).

We were a bit hesitant at first. We never saw ourselves boxing, you know? I didn’t even know such a place exist so conveniently around town but I told myself that it wasn’t time for me to be so indecisive about my life choices so I signed up right there and there and on the same day (March 1), I started my Muay Thai lessons. 

There, across the gym is the Lotus Mall.

There are usually a lot of people at the gym but I went there at a weird hour so I got the whole place to myself!


We started quite abruptly, without much thought really, but damnnnn… do I take this so seriously! Haha! It was an intense work out but it was also soooo much fun! I actually go to the gym like 4 times a week!

What even right???

But I’m very happy because I don’t feel much of a bum and I actually get things done! I’ve been very productive with my drawings, readings and writing!

It’s a shame I can only do this for 2 months but welp, I can see myself getting more energetic and actually losing weight so whatever, I’ll just enjoy myself as much as I can.