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Goosebumps All Over

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So, I didn’t go to the gym today coz my body is aching all over. So obviously, I went straight home and started watching My Hero Academia!!!

I think I’ve mentioned it before but I stopped updating myself for a few weeks now because I didn’t have enough episodes to marathon. But now, I was able to save enough episodes and ughhhh! Watching it in one go was such a blast! Every episode was soooo good! There’s always something relevant going on. Ugh… I can’t stop my admiration for it!

But now, I only have 3 more episodes to go so I think imma be sad again for a little bit :c

On a different note, today, I was talking to my friend in Indonesia and asked him if he’s having problems looking for Unchained The Live Concert 2018 coz it’s not even available for pre-order on CD Japan! Omg! I was panicking coz I don’t know if the other places are good. And price too. Some of them inflate it so much. Worst comes to worst, he quoted me how much the album will be if I buy from him so I might just do that if I have to…

But that’s not the end of my dilemma. Welp, for some reason, my remote start function doesn’t seem to work all of a sudden! I used my current key and my spare key and both were rendered useless!!! I also tried going through my car’s settings but to no avail. Oh noooo! I don’t need this kind of crap right now. Ugh. Gotta ask the boyfriend for help!