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I hate that topic, too

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And so, today, my relatives came from the Philippines. I have mixed feelings regarding this… Happy coz finally, we’ll have decent food to eat that I wouldn’t have to pretend liking my uncles horrible cooking… I wouldn’t be tasked to do ALL of the CHORES at home and I just genuinely miss them. But sad because again, all my movements are being tracked, I have to pretend (sometimes) to be engaging with their activities and, the STRESSOR is back STRESSING me again regarding NCLEX.


I know I’ve said this over and over again but NURSING RUINED MY LIFE.


Anyway, before I get carried away and talk about something else, Imma start and talk about why I got so pissed off with them.


If you know me, you’ll know how much I love the Philippines. All its beauty and ugly side, I embrace wholeheartedly. And then Tita started saying how the Philippines haven’t changed one bit. How she only emphasized all the bad stuff about my country. About pollution, bribery, economy, etc.


Like what the fuck, really? You want me to agree that my beloved country would not  change??? What bullshit is she spouting! Philippines is one of the most wonderful place ever. I know there are a lot of bad places and people who bastardize the country but it is not WORTHLESS!


And anyway, how can you even begin to compare America from the Philippines. It’s so different, from culture, language, customs and everything else. It’s not comparable. You can’t compare An apple from a lettuce. They are both food but they are different category. I know this post is very opinionated and bias but that’s what I honestly think.


And those people who kept on saying bad thing about the Philippines were even born and raised in the same country. So ungrateful! It’s not as if they even did anything to improve the situation of my country.


Oh gawd, I’m getting so overworked… Ahh… I just hate this type of talk. So one sided and stupid.