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Inspiring lecture

In Life,Personal,Rant on October 10, 2010 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , ,


This is such an inspiring lecture. Don’t be part of the PROBLEM, be part of the SOLUTION. I think the main problem in the Philippines right now is that people forget about their own Honor and Integrity and just focus on the Profit that they will get the easy way.


And also, instead of thinking ways or solutions to improve the state of the country they do nothing but to complain and wait for somebody to do magic and end all the sufferings of the poor people of the country. They are onlookers who have the guts to blame the others for their miserable lives. I know it is quite unrealistic to think everything will be resolved just like that but it is even worst to wait for nothing. Before you know it, you’re dead and rotting in your grave. If you don’t have any desire to act your part, at least don’t contribute to all the burdens the government have to face. Start within yourself. And no matter where you are, don’t forget to look back where your roots are at. They don’t owe you for your donations… YOU OWE them for nourishing whatever knowledge you have right now.


Ahh, my nationalistic side is bursting. I love this lecture!!!