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New Year’s Resolution

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The year is 2019, and I have set a lot of goals for myself! I really wish I can achieve everything in this list and I will really do everything to make sure everything is fulfilled!


1. Reach 200% Move goal at least once a month. I close all my rings for 2.5 months now without fail and I want to bump it up a little more. I can do it!

2. Memorize 12 BoA songs to near perfection. (And yes. Only Japanese songs because Korean songs are too hard core for me.)

a. Masayume Chasing

b. Fly

c. Amor

d. Right Here, Right Everywhere

e. Manhattan Tango

f. Watashi no Mama de ii no ka na

g. Message

h. Call My Name

i. White Wishes

j. Possibility

3. Inktober 2019. Ever since I’ve done it and completed the challenge three consecutive years now, I feel like I should continue the tradition!

4. Read 20 books. Same with Inktober, I’ve done this challenge for two years now and I’ll keep on doing it this year, too !

5. Blog. I’m not gonna be so critical as to blog everyday if there’s nothing interesting to talk about this time. But blogging, for sure.

6. Start investing. I really want to learn the craft! And start doing it as early as possible! I hope I really get to do it this time!

7. Draw a picture, per month. The usual :3

8. Write a YunBoA fanfic. I haven’t done this in forever! I’ll be happy even if it means completing a WIP coz I have so many of them!!! Inspiration, come to me!!!

9. No more ice for my beverages. Because it causes micro fracture on my teeth and I SEE THEM!!!

10. Start using reusable shopping bags. I started with ditching the straws. Time kick it a notch!

I listed so many thing. I think it’s achievable tho. I just need to remember it and embody these resolutions for the whole year — and beyond!

We can do this!

Happy New Year everybody!