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New York Day 4 (slash)

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Today is our last day in New York. I can’t believe this short vacation ended too soon! But oh well, that’s just how all vacations are.

Anyway, the morning was tough. R wasn’t in a very good mood. I think he was hangry. And also, everybody was rushing so we really don’t have time to relax, afraid we’ll forget to do something.

But at least at the end of the preparation, and when everybody was fed and hydrated, the mood was improved.

We left the house at 11am but couldn’t ride the uber til 11:15 ish because this inconsiderate uber driver made a detour and got himself some McDonald’s. Yes, he did it while on the job! He was eating his food while driving us to the airport, too! I usually don’t care for this but I mean, if you’re working, you need to present your best self at least. But ugh. This person didn’t even apologize for taking so long to pick us, or even helped us load and unload our stuff. And he’s so rude to be taking long ass phone calls while driving!

First, it compromises us as passengers because his full attention was not on the road. Second, he talks so loud, unable to realize that maybe his passengers are tired and would want to have peace and quiet. And lastly, that’s just not how you conduct business. Ugh. He didn’t even have his A/C on for about 10 minutes of the ride and had only rolled the windows up because he can’t hear the person he was talking to on the phone, not because of us. Ugh. I hope my brother gives him a low star rating.

At least we reached the airport in one piece.

So, today, we were supposed to see Tito Eugene before we leave for Chicago but they were caught in traffic of course! Our boarding time is at 12:35pm and their ETA to the airport is 12:30. That’s just really crunched for time… and we really want to meet them if possible! But R can’t wait that long. And I understand him and the way that my uncle tried to ask for us to wait for them. I was stuck in the middle so it was just really tough for me. Sigh. Hope my uncle won’t get mad coz we ended up going inside. We just can’t miss the flight…

Anyway, the flight wasn’t long. We arrived in Chicago in no time. R’s parents picked him up so we had to separate in the airport. At least they were able to meet my family again. As for us, we ended up having dinner at Jollibee coz of my brother -___-.

I enjoyed my meal at least. After that, we were talking and all of a sudden, we just decided to get my mom a new i-pad. Just like that. She’s been using her old ipad for a very long time now and it’s so slow now and we think that having a new i-pad is something that she would really appreciate.

The one that we got her is bigger than the one she has so she’ll need to adjust for a bit. My sister was helping her set up the new i-pad and after that, she’ll never part with it again. Haha!

And before I know it, it’s already 9:30pm. I actually have work tomorrow so shiet. Needa sleep now. Byeeeee!

(I gained 5lbs after our trip in NY jfc. That’s how easy I gain weight! Ugh. Hope I can shed it all off quick!)