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In Life,Personal on November 12, 2018 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , , , ,

My ghad. I heard one of the most terrible news.

Our ancestral house was engulfed by the fire! And nothing was saved!

I… don’t know what to say honestly… it feels so surreal and honestly, I still can’t believe it happened!

All our memories were there. It’s crushing to know that we can never go back there again. It will never be the same. Everything’s in ashes…

According to my aunt, the neighbor was having something constructed there. And then the carpenters were drinking (maybe after the day’s work to unwind). And then they got drunk and forgot to turn of the stove that caused the fire.

I, would believe that.

As opposed to this news posted by ABSCBN where they stated that one of the tenants of my uncle was building a bonfire (nagsisiga) near the wood storage that caused the fire.

Note, this happened at two in the morning! Who would build a bonfire, on a Monday (I think it’s Monday), at that time???


And they claimed they only lost 75k from that???


Ghad. I still can’t believe this happened… I hope we’ll get through this because man… this is too tragic….