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In Everyday,Life,Personal,Rant on September 30, 2018 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , , , ,

I am determined to get myself the new Apple watch. I’ve always wanted a smart watch but I always make an excuse not to get it until I felt that ‘it’ factor.

I have to have it!

So yesterday, R and I swung by Best Buy and looked at the watches. Idk. I was ready to buy it, sure, but at that moment, I had sudden misgivings. Maybe because of the very ‘attentive’ Apple agent that made me a little uncomfortable? But then again, I didn’t have my Best Buy card anyway so I walked away from the store empty handed.

And I guess that was for the best because when I woke up today, I have a 25$ coupon from Best Buy! Plus my 5$ gift certificate and that’s an easy 30$ I could put on the watch! (And actually, I did have my Best Buy credit card yesterday! I took it for another card so I didn’t recognize it.)

Luckily, we meant to go out today anyway, with my mom and brother, so I asked my brother if we can swing by Best Buy today in Oakbrook so I can order it today. But of course, the person said that the Apple watch is not available for preorder??? It’s kinda absurd, but it’s not like I can force him to do the impossible so we left with me feeling so dejected.

I asked my brother if we can drive to the Bolingbrook branch instead but he said we’ll just do it tomorrow… But I really can’t wait!!! So I went online and pre-ordered it.

But of course, as I was checking out, I learned that the coupon was meant to be for an in-store purchase!!! Ughhhh!!! Why are they doing this to me!!! Ughhh…

Welp, I guess I’ll just have to go tomorrow and compromise my gym session because my brother wouldn’t go with me even after bribing him… Hopefully, it’s available there. If not, I still have my chance on Saturday, my last chance, because of course, the coupon expires on the 6th.

Ugh. Just let me be happy…