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Weird Habits

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Well, I was supposed to write about something touching… Sincere… Regarding a certain someone as a surprise (Note: No, not about Sidney apparently) but noooooo! I just have to talk about some random shit about myself and like seriously, I’ll bore you to death.


Anyway, like the titled implicated, I’ll be discussing things about myself that people might actually find weird… Or maybe beyond weird… I don’t care. I just felt like rambling right now. Because I finally have time to go online and actually write on here, I was too busy finishing up three novels in 6 days.


Moving on…


WEIRD HABITS COLLECTION (in no particular order):


1. I don’t breath when I open cabinets/drawers in the kitchen and bathroom. Iuno… It’s become an instinct. I think this started a long time ago. My mom had the habit of occasionally spraying  insecticides inside cabinets that hold our pots/dishes whenever it’s cleaning time. The smell of it was so pungent (pure exaggeration) that ugh… I just rather die than smell it. So iuno, since then, it’s just became a habit… Room drawers or cabinets don’t bother me tho. I can breath properly even if I stick my nose inside. LOL. Of course, it’s nonsense..


2. I open a faucet with my left hand, and turning on the left (hot) nozzle first. Iuno why I would rather start with the hot water instead of testing the temperature first before I get burned. HAHA, I think I’mjust asking for trouble… LOL. Of course, it’s nonsense.


3. Before going to sleep, or in between sleeping and waking up (meaning, not getting up from bed unless forcefully willed by my brain), I rub my foot against the bed sheets. Iuno… But it has this satisfying feeling whenever I do that relaxes my senses. I especially like it when my sheets are really soft and fluffy and ticklish… HAHA! LOL, of course, it’s nonsense.


4. I always wet my hands before applying soap whenever I wash my hands. Iuno… I noticed that most girls/women  do the opposite way than me. I find it rather weird though… Wouldn’t you just wash away the soap when you put soap first before wetting your hands? LOL, of course it’s nonsense.


5. I always put my i-pod inside my left front pocket while I put my cellphone and lip balm inside my right front pocket. Iuno… It keeps me “track” my stuff. Having this habit alerts me if there’s something I’m missing whatnot. Surprisingly, it isn’t as nonsense as the others I’ve mentioned earlier :3


6. Whenever I finish using my mechanical pencil, I always make it a habit to push back in the lead of my pencil. Iuno… Maybe I’m afraid it’ll break and be just wasted… It’s not really clear why I even have this habit. And I don’t think normal people will even care. But then again, I never really had friends who uses pencils a lot. LOL, of course, it’s nonsense…


7. I use my right hand to brush my teeth. And yes, if my right hand is occupied and I needed to brush my teeth, I’ll just end up staring at my reflection on the mirror because I can’t use my left hand for brushing!!! I can’t navigate the toothbrush as skillfully as I do with my right. I’m not exactly sure if its common or abnormal at all. Something I just notice here and there. LOL, of course, it’s nonsense.


8. I don’t lick my spoon and fork whenever I am eating “full meals”. Iuno… I find myself just scraping the food with my teeth off of the eating utensisls instead of my lips. It’s really hard to explain… But it’s that gesture you do when you’re eating ice cream or soup. To completely seal the utensil with your lips so it will not spill anywhere. I don’t do that… But apparently, I only come about when eating ice cream (because I’m greedy and wouldn’t want to waste ice cream) or soup. Or actually, very, very, very rarely when I do this… LOL, of course, it’s nonsense.


9. When I eat. I always use the same pair/style of eating utensils. Iuno… But if it’s, in anyway, not matching, I get so distracted that I will have to change it no matter what. Some may find it rude but I can’t even start a meal. It’s brrr…! LOL, of course, it’s nonsense.


10. I always hang a shoulder bag on my left shoulder whilst when I carry a mail-man bag, I always hang it on my right and draping across my chest to the left. Iuno.. Somehow I feel like my movements are constricted when I do it the other way. Like, I feel like I will drop my purse time and time again if I swung it on my right shoulder and not my usual left. Or I feel disoriented, like something’s just not right… LOL, of  course, it’s nonsense.


11. I only use one side of the bed. Iuno… I mean, I have a pretty big bed, prolly a queen but I never really crossed the right side of my bed and just always occupied the left side. I don’t stir much when I sleep, usually, I’m just immobile or non-moving that could probably explain it. LOL, of course, it’s nonsense.


12. When I eat, I always want my plate in the same position as when I started eating. Iuno… Like for example, I have to microwave my plate a second time. When I’m done and have to lay down my plate again, it should be as it was before. Like when my rice was on the left side and my chicken is on the right, it should be as it is when I first start my meal. Even a slight shift makes me uncomfortable and I literally stop and stare on my plate. LOL, of course, it’s nonsense (and totally, totally weird).


13. Whenever I take a bath/shower, I always test the water with my hands and then go in bit by bit. Not completely splurging into it in one go. Iuno… I know here in America, we have heaters and such but force of habit, I always go into the shower cautiously, like adjust to the temperature and then enjoy! HAHA!!! LOL, of course, nonsense.


14. I use my left hand to scoop water from the faucet instead of just using a cup and make everything blissfully sweet. Iuno… I never got used to using a cup whenever I’m in the bathroom about to brush my teeth. And mind you, I can only scoop water using my left hand. If I even attempt to use my right, super goodluck with that. LOL, of course, it’s nonsense.


15. If get attached to something, I stick to it until the end. Iuno… May it be inanimate, tangible, a person or a useless thing, I can never ever find myself to part with it. I mean, who would usually cling onto a yellow rubber shrimp keychain I got from when I was in fifth grade? Or a power ranger stationery I got in grade school? Or an old letter about what, kisses? Or an acorn from a trip to the woods? Or movie tickets? Or a napkin doodle…? I seriously don’t know why I treasure these stuff so, sooo much but sometimes, I think it’s already beyond normal. HAHA, I really don’t know…


For sure there’s a lot of habits I might or might have not noticed myself conjuring but after everything else, these small details are what makes me, my own self. To be honest, I really don’t know what I am trying to say here. Maybe I just miss updating and I am utterly clueless to how I should spend my free time… Who knows. I mean, I don’t even know…


And here I am, starting to ramble… Oh gawd. I think I should start drawing now. I got so inspired after reading the “Hunger Games” trilogy and watching episode 9 of Kimi ni Todoke and kyah! I need to stop. It’s like 3 in the morning now anyway…


LOL! Goodbye! I shall retire…. Soon….