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BoA Deprived

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BoA held a mini fan meeting last August 7 with a few fans.

There were several fan accounts during the event and well, BoA snippets were discussed here and there. I’ve been reading a few of them and some of the highlighted topics were as follows:

  1. She may not be able to perform “Not Over U” and “Hope” unless it’s for a concert :c It sucks coz “Hope” is my most favorite song in the album :c Even listening to it at this very moment :c
  2. There won’t be a repackaged release for “Only One“… Sad, sad news…… The playlist was all so beautiful but oh so short!!! It doesn’t have enough tracks to quench my BoA cravings for the past two years :c I was so sure I would just have to wait a couple of months until new songs will be released but I was very wrong, apparently… *sniff*
  3. There won’t be a follow up promotion for this album, either. Everything will be over at the end of the month and that sucks big time! Oh how I will miss seeing her perform on stage, anticipating who she will be partner with for the couple dance and stuff… *sigh* But SM, hear me out, I’m still anticipating the release of “The Shadows” music video!!!! After teasing us during BoA’s solo comeback stage, you better not be trolling us and leave us hanging!!! Ugh!!! I will hate you!!!! LOL!

4. Well, after wrapping up BoA’s promotion, she will go ahead and record for K-pop Star second season. At least She’s still very much present in Korea. That’s a good thing :3

5. Come winter time, BoA will release a Japanese version of “Only One” that she will be translating personally. OHHH! I love J-pop so this will be awesome!!!

6. BoA admits her handwriting is bad. Oh gawd, I found something in common with BoA-unnie!!!!!!!!! LOL!

So yeah.

Those were some of the topics that caught my attention. I feel so sad… It’s sad that BoA doesn’t release as many singles as she used to but I think it’s part of her growth as an artist. I mean, who else can be put at the pedestal alongside the Presidents of the top three idol agency in Korea? Only BoA is qualified, really. And it’s a good career direction for her :3

Well, whatever course BoA takes, I’m always here to support her. HAHA!!!! I’ll be your fan forever~

Anyway, ending this post by sharing a real awkward BoA being so OOC with her buing-buing. HAHA!!! I know it’s not her character to be undertaking such an aegyo act but Ugh! BoA-jjang so adorable!!!

– – –

Fast Fact:

Thank you dear friends, followers, readers, occasional visitors, EVERYONE! I was informed that I just hit a milestone for getting 100 likes for my blog posts! Thanks so much~

To be honest, I’m getting more likes when I narrate my personal life story. I didn’t think I was that interesting? HAHA!!!! But thank you thank you!!! *hugs everybody*