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A what now from work?

In Life,Personal on February 17, 2020 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , , , ,

Not gonna lie.

When my boss told me to meet him for a short meeting before I left for work, it made me nervous…

We just finished our review earlier this year so there’s no other reason for him to really talk to me. So it totally blindsided me when we finally had the meeting and then he opened up a discussion about a possible promotion for me.


My VP asked me if I want to take on a managerial role and be the CAD Department Manager.


If anything, what I was hoping for is to be the Marketing Department Manager or whatever, not this. Coz I mean, if he’s offering me the position, it means that the current manager would be quitting! I never saw that coming!!! If anything, I thought that my manager will be retiring in my workplace! I was really so shocked!

My boss knows that it’s a huge step for me and she trusts that I’ll be good in that position. That I can be a manager.

And honestly, I’m sure I can and I know I can learn the ins and out of it but I’m more concerned about the stress that will befall me in this new role I might be taking on. Basing from all the managers I’ve interacted, they work almost 10hrs everyday and would even go to work on the weekdays! You would really lose a big chunk of your time to be a manager in my company.

And with the wedding preparation and all, plus doing some graphics at home, I’ll only kill myself in the end. And I don’t think it’s worth it.

In fact, I don’t think it is.

Time is gold. And imagine, if I have a family of my own, since I still want a baby if R and I will be blessed, the stress of it… and of course there would be instances where I’ll be needed at home to tend to my family. As a manager, this will prove to be very difficult to manage. And taking vacations will be even more difficult because I’ll always be constantly be needed at work as a manager.

And with just 20$ an hour as my pay, I don’t think it’s high enough for the amount of work I’ll suddenly take on. It’s not that significant to throw away the current status I have. Which isn’t all bad, really.

I told my mom, brother and R and they are supportive. I mean, sure, R and my brother said to go for it but when I told them the reality of the situation. They were understanding.

At least I have my job security so I’ll cling to that for now.

Just the thought that I was considered is good enough for me tho. Let’s hope for the best!