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Hi WP, I know I haven’t been posting… not even with my book reviews… but I’m alive! I’m actually alive…

So for several weeks now, especially when MJ left the lab to go to Colorado, it’s been especially hectic at work! Not just MJ, but another person left the lab (one of the grinders) and another co-worker went to Korea for a month long vacation!


So to compensate with the work, we’ve been working extra hours… and omg. Some days, I work 10hrs a day! It’s becoming my normal, honestly…

But we can’t help it. We really can’t keep up.

I love having over time but at some point, it gets old… I can’t even do any drawings lately coz I’m so busy. I haven’t been going to the gym either which is terrible! And then on weekends, I spend my time with R who needs attention too so yeah.

I’m hoping that very soon, we’ll see the light of day coz this is really tasking. I’m beginning to get stressed. Especially that after my 10 hour shift, I go home and still work on some graphics. Haha!

But hey, job security! And I need it especially that I’ll be having my vacation real soon! Eep!