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I inherited it.

In Everyday,Fun,Life on August 18, 2018 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , , , , , ,

For the past two days, and today, I’ve been eating rice and other carbs. Most days, I’m actually really good at straying away from them but ugh, it was just so hard the previous days.

And with that two days, my blood sugar spiked to 115 early today. 80-120 is the normal blood sugar reading but to me, this is actually high, borderline.

I ate the same type of food with my family members but their blood sugar wasn’t as high. With this, it’s easy to say that I inherited my family’s diabetic illness.

Sighhhhhhhh. I really need to be careful.

Anyway, earlier today, Ray treated out family to some deep dish pizza at Giordano’s. We had so much food again! Ugh. After that, we went to Joliet mall. My mom bought a new perfume while my sister bought my dad new shoes. I bought my sister a new charm for her bracelet too. It’s really pretty. Now I know why people are obsessed with.

After shopping, we went to my dad’s friend’s house in Bolingbrook. My ghad! I didn’t know that Herbie’s new house is soooo big and pretty! Everything looks so nice! Nothing looks cheap! It looks well maintained. Downstairs, they have a karaoke place, a pool table and a home theater. I honestly haven’t seen such a well put house until today! I wanted to see the place more but we just didn’t have the time. Sighhhhh. Oh well, towel.