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In Fun on September 8, 2010 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , , ,

Well, It’s been forever since i set foot on this store… But anyway, as promise, I took picture of the place so yay!!! This branch is at Los Cerritos Mall.

^ Entrance from the inside of the mall

^ Restroom has this cute lighting thingy… HAHA! ¬†Sorry naging extra pah akech…

^ Awesome chandelier on the second floor. ¬†Sorry, di nah na-rotate picture…

^ Black chandelier

^ HAHA! Party balls!

^ I’m not exactly sure why the jeans were hanged up in there…

^ Party in the USA!

^ Checkered floor. I LIKE!

^ Woo! Big ass lamp!

^ Cutest accessory rack!!! Each one was intricately tailored! HAHA!!! I will but one in the future! (kahit wala naman akong accessories nah isasabit)

^ Cute tote bag. HAHA!

Well, that’s quite a list of pictures… sana pala clothes ang piniktyuran ko, hindi yung place *A* FAIL!