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Photo Timeline

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Since I wasn’t able to go on here the past weeks, here are some pictures I should’ve uploaded weeks before… Descriptions are gonna be at the bottom of each picture.

^ It’s not very clear in the picture but I had highlights :3 My friend Brian experimented with my hair a little… He always does. He curls it, he bumps it, he braids it… Everything you could think of! Although for this picture, I was the one put my own light make up and not him. HAHA!

^ And this is how I looked like New Year’s Eve. I had to reserve our Mud Rum tickets so I wasn’t able to go with my friends to San Diego and meet Korean peeps. LOL. That’s Potamus btw, one of my three Pillow Pets :3

^ And then, My New Year Noche Buena! A fuckin’ Power Bar???!?!?!?!! Wow, real yummy *A*. And oh, I couldn’t help but to showcase my new headphones I got for Christmas! That was Renz’s gift to moi. I love it to death!

^ I went hiking, too! That was somewhere in Beverly Hills. I had to wear so many layers of clothing so that’s the reason I look fat in here. HAHA!!! What the hell was up with that lame excuse???!?!?!!

^ This was at the top of the hill. I could’ve left my mark but I didn’t bring a pen with me… Boo!

^ An unexpected thing lying around the dirt. I swear that’s not mine… HAHA!

^ My birthday cake Lilly brought me when I had my Denny’s celebration with Kohl’s friends!!! So fun to be hanging out with everyone that day!

^ I also got balloons!!! I regret it though that I didn’t keep at least one of them as part of that day’s memory… At least I have this picture I took with my crappy phone camera…

^ And then my birthday celebration at a Yakiniku Lounge in LA! I felt so loved to be together with all my friends and cousins! I had a blast!!! After dinner, we went home and had a little after party… You can’t imagine how hard I tried not to get too fucked up… Still, It was such a fun night!

^ And then, I also went to April’s Wedding. It was a Westernized Korean Wedding and it was adorable!!! It was like a prom themed wedding. The bride was wearing a red dress but she absolutely looked fab! It was awesome!

^ And these are the surprise birthday presents I got on the day of my birthday!!! Lotso bear was from Rachel, Jenn and Manong. The Moleskine notebook was mailed to me by my amazing friend from Union City. It was so unexpected that I didn’t know how to react… It was ranging from happiness to a major freak out moment! HAHA! I will treasure this for life!

^ Uhm, there was some major steamy action going around in my room starring my stuff toys respectively named: Pulu’t Pukyutan, Potamus, Black Eye and Mashi Maro. I swear to God this is not my doing!

^ HAHA! Sidney, when he had longer hair. He all of a sudden sent me this picture. LOL! For whatever reason that he is wearing a nekomimi, I will let that one slip… LOL! I don’t believe he’s gay. Anyway, Yeah, He’s so adorable! I seriously love the contour of his face… It’s so manly… And I love manly guys. HAHA! Just saying.

Anyway, That would be it at the moment… I have so many things I wanted to write so I’m trying to be quick :3 Ciao!