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Glamour Puss

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I was a bit sleepy earlier but I couldn’t get myself to sleep.. Why? It’s all because I was waiting for Hyoyeon’s Dancing With The Stars performance. I was so stressed ‘coz it was already an hour after its broadcast in Korea but there wasn’t enough news about it on Tumblr, Youtube, Twitter and Soshified! And the clip came so much later than it used to!!! Frustrating!!!! I was in agony for the longest time!!!

But when I finally found a link, omigod, I can confidently say that however long it was, all the wait was WORTH IT! It was amazing and sexy and hawt and awesome and flawless and perfect and OMG! Hyoyeon was DAZZLING on the dance floor!!! I love seeing her all feminine and smexy compared to her usual strong stage performances.



Thanks to tonight’s performance though, I got too excited and now, I can’t sleep!!! Ugh! And I need to wake up at 4AM!!! It’s like pass midnight!!! Ugh… So right now, spending my time talking with friends on LINE and manipulating my pictures.

Tonight, I guess I’ll leave you with this:


Dork is DORK.

– – –

Fast Fact:
I can’t kill bugs (especially cockroaches) using a physical approach (eg. stepping on them or squashing them with a slipper). Seriously, eww gross *A*