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Komikon: Manga Progress

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Welp, guess who’s on the role :3

For the past week, I’ve been actively working on my manga. I met up with Zei and Zy and already discussed the pages I would include for the final output that we will release this coming Komikon. We even discussed how everything would be arranged and stuff. I’m so happy that all the additional artworks have already been completed! Muwahahaha!!!

MANGA Cover Page

^ Yay! And unveiling for the first time, the manga cover for my upcoming manga!!! HOHOHOHOHOHO! I haven’t even posted this on Tumblr! So y’all reading this post is so privileged. HAHA! There’s this one huge part that’s bothering me in the picture but I shall ignore this because… FEELS. I am proud of this and nothing can ruin my mood! NOt even my own FAILS. HAHA!



^ Here’s the cropped version of the opening page. Those are supposed to be camellias (called Tsubaki in Japanese.). Sucks for it coz it ended up looking like roses *A*. I hate my life… Oh well, towel. I know that there’s already a chapter page cover but I wanna draw more so whatevs. Here’s Yanagi, holding a Tsubaki (the mention of this is relevant, I swear!). Good luck with all the redundant title mentions. HAHA!!!




^ Hiro Tsubaki (camellia) and Yukie Yanagi (willow). The two main characters of this specific one shot. In the original story, they’re actually the secondary characters. HAHA! This always happen to me, liking the supporting characters rather than the original protagonist. *sigh* Anyway, this images would be used for their profile descriptions. Hihi! I also toned these images ❤





^ A manga production wouldn’t be complete without the production team so ta-dah~ A chibi drawing interpretation of Zei and Zy. HAHA! They actually told me the specific picture they wanted but since I’m not what you would call the best illustrator out there, I just kinda winged it. So for that, I APOLOGIZEEEEEEE |||OTL.



^ And yerpz, I get to draw a chibi self as well!!! HAHA! OMG, this is so embarrassing but yesh, I did draw myself wearing SNSD’s Genie outfit. Problem? HAHA!!! That is the extent of my SNSD addiction and this is starting to scare me but oh well… I really can’t help it anymore. K-pop is such a black hole…

Well………. there you go! All the new images, I needa take to Zei and Zy so I can have it scanned. The only thing left for me to do is write the Author’s note and then it’s seriously SERIOUSLY ready for printing!!! I am so stoked!!! But we wouldn’t rush anything! Hihi!!! Oh, we’re gonna copyright it, too! Keke.


I would also have to mention how helpful P-chan was during this whole production. The two times we visited his place, I was given an opportunity to learn the way he works on his projects. Because of him, I was able to improve my toning techniques and also helped me gain more techniques when coloring digitally. HAHA!

I do not know what I’ll do without him *A* I love you to bits!

Alright, let’s do it KOMIKON 2013!!!