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Produce 48

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Idk what it is about the Produce 101 franchise but I really love the show! It just gets better and better!

This third season, they upped the game a little bit more by combining Korean and Japanese trainees to vie for a spot as a member of the girl group this season so it’ll be intense.

I am not very familiar with the trainees’ names yet but I have my picks already with the Korean trainees.

But for the Japanese… it’s obvious that I like Jurina and Sakura!

Sakura is just so cute, okay. Like I said in one of my tweets, she’s like straight out from a shoujo manga. Ughhhh! And then there’s Jurina too.

At first, I don’t see the fuss about her. She’s not somebody I’d call pretty the first time I see her. She’s got a stronger feature, you see. But after watching her solo stage. After seeing how she commanded the stage with her confidence, I was just really blown away! Unlike the other Japanese trainees, she does have charisma and talent. She knows her craft and with that, I fell in love!

It’s so funny how the comments about her was all about ghei. Haha! And I can see that because she’s such a girl crush! Ugh! I only had 4 hours of sleep last night coz I was busy with this goddamn show. Ugh.

It’s so weird too because I’m both trying to learn Korean and Japanese so I could understand snippets from both trainees and it’s insane!!!

So in summary: