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I Even Dreamed About It.

In Life,Personal on April 20, 2019 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , , , ,

It was Friday, and I was just going about my usual when it comes to work when all of a sudden, my boss, the VP, asked if he can talk to me.

I thought the reason why he brought it up all of a sudden was because I had two surgical guides that I was working on for several days now because I was experiencing some scaling issues.

So I went to his office, feeling nervous. He asked me to seat but didn’t require me to close the door.

He then faced me and asked me how I see myself growing in the company. Whether I see myself doing more CAD or Marketing stuff.


Where did that even come from? Lol!

Coz like seriously. We already have someone doing that currently and I’m actually working together with him. This was how I started becoming the graphic artist for the company, by working with PV.

And then my bossstarted explaining that they initially hired PV to handle purchasing and inventory. That he’s not really a marketing guy. But then they see the area growing so it may be the company’s next step to actually build that department and putting a main guy there — ME.

Ghad. They honestly thought that I would be perfect for the position! That they want me involved in the conversation when it comes to pushing our Marketing strategy.

I did tell my boss that although I’ve worked with Marketing people while I was working at BreadTalk, I wasn’t really what you would call a leader of any sort. That I’ve never really worked as a Marketing person. And my boss seemed to have included that in the equation.

But I know, even if it’s scary, that I’ll be able to do it! I’m just afraid that I’ll disappoint him if I don’t deliver… but my boss was very supportive tho. He said that I’ll be able to do it but that I need to want it. He also said that if it won’t work out, he’ll still find things for me to do in the lab because he wouldn’t allow good people — meaning, me — to leave the company.

He admitted that it’s something that’s still not set in stone, but if they will really push Marketing, he wanted me to know first. He doesn’t want me to feel that they are bypassing me, which I really appreciate because it means that they care about my welfare…

But man… if this really takes off, I’ll be a supervisor! I could have people working for me if I find the job too big for me at some point.

It’s moving up! So I’m excited… but scared… and omg! I even dreamed about it last night! Further strengthening my conviction that I really want to do it.


I already told R and he’s really excited for me! I also informed my sister and she’s equally as ecstatic as me! Oh man, I really hope it happens in the future… I wanna do it!

Oh, and also, I asked my boss if I need to travel if I become a Marketing head and he said that it’ll prolly be just once a year and that the company will pay for all the expenses so eep! I’ll do it!!!!

… if it really happens.

Coz right now, the higher ups are still talking about the direction of the company. But still!!!! Just being considered for the job is so flattering as it is in itself! And it’s not like I have no other means to grow in the company besides that so… aja aja!