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Lexie’s 100Q 100A

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Story1# Personal Details

01. Name: Lexie-chan

02. Birthdate/Star sign: January 18 / Capricorn

03. Blood Type: A

04. Height: 5 feet

05. Weight: Last time I checked, it’s 116lbs. I am more than positive I gained some more weight…

06. Family: Mommy, Daddy, Younger Sister, Younger Brother

07. Nicknames: Lexie, Sexy Lexie, Lex, Pork Bun, Blexa… (to be honest, the list goes on and on and on…)

08. Personality: Lexie-chan is like an open book but with missing pages.

09. Religion: Catholic

10. Hobbies: Drawing, Reading, Writing, Surfing the net, Dramas, K-pop, J-pop


Story2# Taste

01. Favourite food: Korean, Thai, Mexican :3

02. Film that moved you: “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” (Thai movie)

03. Favourite weather: Weather perfect for hoodies :3

04. Favourite celebrity: Donna Cruz

05. Favourite season: Spring and Autumn

06. Favourite song: Love Letter by BoA

07. Favourite game: Table Tennis


Story3# Complexes

01. Complex: Ugly fingernails, Ugly hair, Lips

02. Written on my phone screen: I have my favorite “The Soul” picture as my wallpaper. Nothing written.

03. How many text messages sent per day: Different everyday.

04. Perfumes I own: Bath and Body Work’s Sweet Pea, PINK and Burburry from a good friend

05. Monthly allowance: S-E-C-R-E-T-!

06. When I feel like I’m unworthy: Whenever I remember all the time I wasted pursuing something I never desired because it ended in a failure.

07. Phone number: I don’t have a mobile phone. (technically, it’s true)

08. If I were to rate myself: Noob mode. It’s like I’m at that stage where I’m beginning anew. This time, it’s f’realz.


Story4# Love

01. First love: Jessy?

02. Crush on anyone: Classmate!

03. Dating anyone: None :c

04. Ideal type: Manly, confident, with swag, can carry a conversation well, smart

05. Someone you fell in love with at first sight: Hmm, I think Sidney fits this category to be honest.

06. Love vs Friendship: Choosing both!

07. Someone I love vs Someone who loves me: “Me loving whoever loves me, Whoever I love loving me. That’s the happiest option .” (quoting Jessica’s answer)

08. When you miss the person you love the most: Random moments that somehow relates to them.

09. What you look at first in a guy: Eyebrows, lips.

10. Love is: …something I haven’t experienced yet.


Story5# Untitled

01. Most memorable dream: It was a bad dream I wish to forget.

02. When you hate guys the most: When they are being completely dumb and indecisive. Boring is a no-no.

03. Who you look up to the most: Honestly, SNSD. They’ve achieved so much from their humble beginnings. I don’t expect to be successful as them (I don’t desire to be a celebrity) but I want to feel like I’ve succeeded at something. I want to be like Tiffany who chased after her dreams. Ack! It’s hard for anybody to take this answer seriously but I am serious.

04. Eaterie you visit most often recently: Oh gawd, McDonald’s! Lately, I’ve been going there every Wednesdays or Fridays D:

05. Clothing brand you currently wear the most: I need to ask my sister. She’s my stylist. HAHA!

06. Something you want to do on the 100 day anniversary of a relationship: Romantic date!!!!

07. Number of genuine friends: Few.

08. Biggest lie I’ve ever told: Gyah! Nothing comes to mind! I usually don’t lie anyway. I don’t like that guilt feeling in my heart. Such a burden.

09. Current hairstyle: Shoulder length. I dyed my hair a shade of red medium brown.

10. What you imagine a perfect love confession would be like: It’s when the two of us are really comfortable with each other. Something random, not fancy. Like maybe we’ll be hanging out together after a good movie, then we’ll get ourselves some boba or a cup of tea and at the midst of our random talk, he’ll tell me he likes me. Then I’ll smile despite myself because of course, I like him, too ❤


Story6# Love

01. Best part of dating someone: That tingly moment just thinking about him.

02. Worst part of dating someone: Expectations.

03. Older or Younger or Same Age: Definitely older!

04. Something I would like to receive from a guy I like: Flowers. I love flowers!!! Stargazers!!!!

05. Fragrance you would like to give a guy as a gift: D&G Light Blue. I got Kam this cologne on his birthday :3

06. First thing I do when I start liking someone: Write our love story ❤

07. My ideal lover: My ideal lover should be someone that can handle my weird, impulsive, demanding, random, annoying, selfish personality.

08. Difference between a potential lover and a potential husband: Sorry, I’m only looking for a potential husband. The question is not applicable.

09. Something I want to say to someone who genuinely loves me: “I love you.”

10. A song I want someone I love to listen to: I’ve never thought of this before.


Story7# Past

01. How many guys have said they like you: Just a few :c If only I were popular..

02. How many guys I have confessed to: Sidney. Prolly Jessy, too? But that memory was a bit of a blur. But definitely, Sidney.

03. First time you tasted alcohol: Before I was a legal adult.

04. Time you remember crying the most: HAHA, during those dark moments.

05. Most memorable vacation: Every vacation is memorable to me ❤

06. What comforted you the most when things were too much: I always comfort myself in the end. I just dismiss the thought and move on.

07. Do you regret anything now: HAHA, yes. Only that, and that only.


Story8# Things

01. Favourite thing: Animé, Manga, K-pop, J-pop, Dramas, Variety shows, Music in general

02. Things I hate: Green and Cockroaches. Math! Physical Pain!

03. What are you wearing: Brother’s shirt and some ghetto shorts

04. House I want to live in: I don’t mind what kind of house I’ll have in the future. If I do get my own, I’ll love and treasure it no matter what.

05. Greatest treasure: Manga collection, Artbook collection, BoA collection (especially my signed poster), Copic markers

06. Life motto: “Men are all jerks unless proven otherwise.”

07. Thing that people ask you the most: “Do you have a boyfriend?”

08. What you want to have the most: Hmm… Gadget wise, I think I have everything I wanted already (even an i-pad. My mom just bought one earlier today at Greenbelt). Hmm… Maybe a car.

09. Part of my appearance I like the most: Never thought of that.


Story9# This or That

01. Like/Dislike a smoking guy: I don’t mind but I hope he’s not a smoker.

02. Parents disapprove of who you want to marry. Break up/Run away: HAHA, they got nothing on me, no offense. But it is up to me whether or not I want a guy or not, not them.

03. Like/Dislike confidently talking about the past: I dislike it. Why would you want to open a healing wound?

04. I can/can’t stay friends with someone I used to date: Hmm, not too applicable atm.

05. I am satisfied/dissatisfied with being a boy/girl: I guess I’m satisfied :3 I just hate it when I get my period. GRR!

06. If I get dumped by someone I like, I get angry/cry: Nonchalant. LOL, JK. I get angry, frustrated and I talk shit about them on my journal. HAHA! It’s part of my own way of moving on :3

07. I want to be beautiful inside/outside: Can I just be nice and totally fabulous in the outside at the same time?


Story10# Future

01. Future dream: To be a Great Artist

02. When would you visit if you had a time machine: 2003. I would change my past so I wouldn’t have to regret anything like I do now.

03. If you were invisible for a day: I’ll stalk gorgeous people!

04. Name you want for your future child: Rianne. And then I learned BoA’s baptismal name is Chiara so I am seriously considering naming my child after her! No shame!

05. Which country to be an exchange student in: Japan! Korea!

06. Your plans for tomorrow: Homework………… in plural form……………

07. University you wish to attend: UP, La Salle, USC

08. Question you want to add to 100Q100A: Tumblr vs Twitter

09. Future plans: Do my best!

– – –

In case anybody’s wondering, yes, this is a meme Taeyeon, Jessica, Tiffany and Yoona posted on their Korean facebook page before they made their debut as Girls’ Generation (They’re around 15 or 16 years old. Roughly. They could be younger when they filled this up, actually). Their post was so entertaining to read!!! Such dorks…

Anyway, I actually like memes. And this, being the very meme these girls posted, compelled me to fill it up as well. HAHA! It’s not an actual 100 Q&A but oh well.

I had so much fun! And like always, I answered every questions seriously. Te-hee! I’m so busy but it’s amazing how I was able to squeeze this in during my spare time… HAHA!

Oh well, towel.

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