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Yunho was on his way to drop off BoA’s paperworks she accidentally left at the office, as a favor. It didn’t matter to him that he had to do a little errand for her since he was already there, plus the fact that he’s passing by around her area going home.

His phone then started blaring off while he was at the intersection, a block away from her house. He didn’t bother answering since he’s almost near her driveway anyway. Although he did notice that BoA kept calling and somehow, he was getting rather worried. He drove a little faster so he can check up on her sooner.

He half jogged towards her front door. As soon as he got there and ringed the bell, the door swung open almost immediately, to see BoA  in the brink of tears, a child in her arms, wailing uncontrollably.

‘How dare you not answer your phone when I called!!! And didn’t I tell you to come sooner?!’ She screamed and sobbed, rocking her crying nephew in her arms in an attempt to console him, but failing altogether. She turned around and paced around the hall, not knowing what to do. Even forgetting the fact that she was still upset over Yunho when he ignored her calls. It was such a stunning sight coming from a woman who had always been cool on and off stage.

Well, minus this scene at her home, completely shut off from an outsider but him.

Yunho smiled as he closed the door quietly behind him. He walked towards the table and placed the paperworks over there, freeing his hands,  before approaching his bestfriend who already looked traumatized by the whole mess that happened beyond her control.

There were a bunch of toys scattered on the floor. Crayons splayed on the center table, the TV still on with Barney singing in the background. It was pure chaos.

‘W-what happened here?’

BoA shot him an ominous look and he can’t help but suck in his breath. She still has this strong force around her, enough to make him lose balance. This kind of effect she has on him was bewildering. But he knew exactly for what reason it has come to that.

He wouldn’t deny that.

‘Soonhwon oppa came here a few hours ago only to trick me into babysitting my nephew!’ She answered with booming voice that made the child cry even louder.

She panicked and cradled him awkwardly, her face starting to drain out of color.


‘Okay… Kwon Sung Woo, stop crying now. Aunt BoA doesn’t like crying babies,’ she cooed in an attempt to calm down the baby boy without realizing that it only upsets the child even more. Struck by panic again, she paced around the living room in quick steps, left and right.

Yunho watched silently, somewhat enjoying the whole scene before him. This was different. It had a certain warming effect on him, as if a deja vu of a coming future for him — for them.

His face lit up and ignored the butterflies in his stomach. He walked stealthily behind her and BoA almost jerked when she felt his presence behind her without warning.

Helpless about the whole situation, she tried and gather herself back before she goes crazy. She turned around and came face to face with him. She didn’t expect that he was standing so close to her that his scent filled her senses. She could feel his boring gaze on her and despite her protest, she knew a blush was already coloring her cheeks.

‘Let me have him,’ he whispered as he extended his arm. His touch slightly brushed her skin and a ringing sound went off in her head. It was the most agonizing 5 second of her life for some reason.

As soon as her nephew was out of her arms, she limped her way towards the couch and fell there. Her energy ran out and all motor function seemed to have halted. She instead drifted her gaze on Yunho as he bent his knees to get one of toys on the floor. He lifted his hand and showed it to Sung Woo.

It amazed her that the child immediately stopped crying and even showed a smile towards her bestfriend after handing him the ball. Although he admired Yunho for achieving this feat so quickly, to herself, she had a sudden sinking feeling. She started to shrink on her seat after realizing just how incapable she was in this kind of situation. What she couldn’t accomplish in the three hours she’s been with Sung Woo, he was able to do in three seconds.

‘I hate you,’ she breathed as she clenched her fists tightly, determined to throw a punch or two in his direction given a chance.

Yunho smiled despite himself and walked towards her to sit right next to her. She glared at him in the hopes that he would flee her side. Yunho merely pointed his finger towards the child.

‘I can’t move around too much. It might upset him,’ he reasoned out. She grunted in response understanding his point even if it was something against her will.

‘How did you even know that giving him that toy would make him stop crying?’ BoA asked curiously when she couldn’t take her companion’s silence.

‘Well, I noticed that whenever you walk near it, his expression changes. As soon as you walk away, he starts crying again.’

BoA’s eyes widened in disbelief. ‘That’s it?!’

‘I’m actually even more surprised you never noticed…’

‘I seriously hate you.’

Yunho beamed at her before he shifted his attention back to Sung Woo and played with him a little bit more until all of a sudden, the three of them seated on the couch, the child in his arm and BoA by his side. Strangely enough, all three started watching the Barney show as well. Something quite unexpected from the two super stars, plus a baby under one roof, in their private time together.

He saw her smile silently from the corner of his eyes. She run her fingers along her dark brown hair as she shifted her body on the seat. Their arms brushed ever so slightly and he closed his eyes because of this soaring feeling in his heart, he can’t begin to explain.

He felt her move again and this time, she was leaning closer his way, her eyes focused on him.

‘Wow Yundol, look at Sung Woo sleep so peacefully now…’ She marveled, her round orbs twinkling.

Distracting himself from this sight, Yunho looked at the baby boy on his lap hugging the ball in both of his small arms. BoA brushed her nephew’s hair away from his face and caressed his cheek. She was looking at him so lovingly that Yunho almost wished they weren’t babysitting him anymore.

That instead, the child in his arms is his own and the woman beside him, his wife.

‘Let’s go take him in my room so he can sleep comfortably on the bed.’ Yunho could only manage to nod his head as he followed her.

BoA carefully fixed the surface of her bed. She gestured for Yunho to lay the child on the bed slowly as she surrounded him with pillows in all four directions. 4 year olds don’t usually fall off the bed anymore but it was still amusing to see BoA so attentive of her nephew. She was clumsy and impatient but you know that she cares enough and that she’s sincere more than anything.

She kissed his cheek before turning around to face Yunho.

‘Thanks for coming over and help me  take care of him. I really wouldn’t be able to know what to do if you didn’t save me.’ She blushed as she tucked a few loose strands of her hair behind her ear.

She smiled nervously, not used to showing this un-fabulous part of herself. But he knew all about it since they were little. Maybe that’s the reason why she’s also admitting to it so openly. They’ve been together for so many years that they can practically read each others mind and  cover for each other’s weaknesses. Nothing changed between them except for their age.

‘It was nothing,’ he simply said.

She sighed as she fanned herself, thankful that she didn’t have to deal with that problematic situation for a while. ‘This is the reason why I’ll never ever have a child of my own. Kids seemed to hate me anyway.’ She laughed at her own pathetic self.

‘You’re just saying it now but I’m sure you’ll change your mind eventually.’

‘Uh… Didn’t you see how big of a mess I was earlier? I don’t know how to properly care for children,’ she mumbled, not at all embarrassed now. Just stating what was the most obvious.

‘It’s not that you don’t know how to care for them. You’re just nervous. Don’t worry, I’m here.’

BoA was ready to return another argument back when the true meaning of his message registered in her brain as he stressed the last few words. And then she almost choked at the thought. She blinked a couple of times just wondering how she should answer that direct confession.


Yes, a confession. 


She looked at his direction and saw that he was already looking at her.

‘Don’t you ever think about us? About our future?’ He began, taking a step closer towards her. He had to say it now before she thinks of any other clever thing to evade the topic.

‘Woah! W-where did that come from all of a s-sudden?’ She stuttered in utter surprise, completely taken aback. She took a step back but Yunho would only increase his pace towards her and now she was against the wall. She flattened her back against it in the hopes it’ll give them more space apart.

She wasn’t kidding anyone by thinking that way, not even her own self. She found it so pathetic.

‘It wasn’t sudden, BoA. I’m sure you know I’ve always had this feelings for you since a long time ago.’ His voice was flat.  He wouldn’t play along with her and it somehow disappointed her.

BoA gulped. Her heartbeat racing violently and her first instinct was to escape but his arms where suddenly against the wall, trapping her in between.

‘B-but… You’re my bestfriend. We’re bestfriends..!’

Yunho rolled his eyes at her weak attempt to dodge away from the conversation. He pulled his arms surrounding her sides and then grabbed her hands gently. He lifted them up and rested them on her chest.

‘Can you feel your heartbeat?’ BoA took another second before nodding her head slowly, a bit confused. The frantic pounding of her heart was almost palpable. She was so afraid he could feel it against his hands. To know his effect on her. Her cheeks reddened. She wanted to cover her face but Yunho was holding both of them so that’s not an option for her to take this moment. ‘Now tell me it’s not beating for me as I stand here before you.’

BoA’s breathing became constricted. How can she just admit to that. There’s a limit to her openness when it comes to her feelings. About her feelings for him. Her mind was in a frenzy and she trembled at the thought. They cannot be having this talk.

It was forbidden.

She was starting to panic and the desire to evaporate into thin air seemed to be a good idea right now only, it wasn’t possible.

As she was stressing over by herself, she heard his voice again. It compelled her to look at him and hang on to every word he said.

‘If you let me go now, I don’t think you’ll ever find another man as understanding as me, who can handle your weird bouts of mood swings. A man who would do your chores without questions even if you’re just being lazy to do so,’ Yunho began with a kind smile, even a soft and heart warming chuckle (although BoA would’ve liked to smack his head instead, for putting it in such a way that was more or less unflattering).

He was determined to say everything she needed to hear for her to understand that there’s nothing to be afraid of to cross the line.

His expression changed and he looked more serious now as he continued. ‘A man who knows you like the back of his own hand. A man who would care for you unconditionally. A man who would love you forever. A man like me, BoA…

BoA lowered her head as he pushed him away. He took a step back and looked at her, his own heartbeat audible in his ears. He was sure that this moment would change everything. He could only hope that he won’t regret anything he said and that she’ll be able to discern his sincerity. She should know. It was him, after all.

‘I’ll leave you with the freedom to choose how you want to keep me.’ He narrowed his eyes on her and smiled thoughtfully, unable to stop the surge of emotion now. ‘But what I think is, I’ll still be the man in your future. So really, you don’t have to stress over it and just accept how it is.’

‘A little cocky, aren’t we?’ BoA scoffed hinting a small smile on her face.

‘Well… You’re a little slow,’ he teased with a smirk, that BoA actually found attractive.

She tried to push Yunho playfully but he instead grabbed her arm and pulled her into an embrace. Her cheeks burned as her eyes widened in shock. She wasn’t prepared for this sudden close contact. The need for a distraction was intense but she knew that would be impossible at this point when all her senses was focused on every fiber of his being.

‘But I’m serious, okay?’ He whispered directly to her ear. His hot breath sent chills down her spine and her legs almost gave in. ‘So definitely think about our future…’

She tried to open her mouth to answer him and then she thought that there was no use stating what was already so obvious. He said it himself. He’ll still be the man in her future whether she likes it or not. Because the truth is, her past, present and future was only filled by the very man holding her right now.

Truly, what was there to think about when the answer was so clear. It’s right there, in front of her, just awaiting to be said.

‘I don’t want to think about it anymore. Let’s just do it,’ she firmly said, shutting her eyes out of pure embarrassment.

Yunho grabbed her shoulders and tore their intwined bodies apart so he could look at her with eagerness.

‘Shall we make babies, then?’

Now it was time for BoA to smack his head for real. She wanted to do just that since he got there anyway, and probably for the rest of their lives together.

‘You, idiot!’


– – –

Because I found out that Yunho is great with kids and BoA, being the exact opposite of him. HAHA!

I’m sorry for all the fluff. I know how incredibly corny and cheesy this is but for some reason… I love it! HAHA!!! I think I shouldn’t stray away too much from how I originally write stories. I should keep my identity and not conform to trends. HAHA!

Anyway, Kwon Sung Woo is really the name of BoA’s nephew.

Oh, I dedicate this to Izy because she’s actually my number one provider of Yunho’s gorgeous pic and information. Hihi! Enjoi the fluff as much as I did! Muwahahahaha!

image and story (c) lexie-chan || eyes2blues

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