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Fun Bits

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So my mom just got home a while ago after visiting the dentists and iuno, she just started saying how lonely she gets when nobody eats the food that she cooks…

You should know that my mom is kinda… A horrible cook. She makes everything so unappetizing that you just rather eat a fried egg or something.

And i know i shouldn’t be so mean and bot eat her food (especially that i am no better at this aspect) but… You know…

Haha! We ended up laughing about it in the end. She’s adorable like that.

And oh.

So I’ve been pretty much MIA the past few days co i had an eye operation last thursday to correct my vision. But fuck, man. I didnt expect it to hurt like a bitch!

It hurts when my eyes are open or if they are closed coz they scraped my cornea and it was just a horrible time. My eyes were puffy and ugly and i couldn’t survive the day without my sunglasses coz literally everything blinds me. I couldn’t really check my laptop and cellphone without hurting my eyes until today, four days after the procedure.


This is the absoulte worst but I’m glad everything’s getting better in a way. Slowly but surely. I just have a blurry vision but after this week, I’m sure it’ll be fine and I’ll be so ready for my BoA concert in September! Haha!!!

I’m very random. I’ll see if I can make a proper blog entry next time (of course not) but yeah.

And oh! I guess I’m on my way to stanbing Red Velvet. Sighhhhhh! Kpop ia the death of me.

Oh well towel. Gotta check out all the stuff i missed the few days i’ve been bed ridden. And then tomorrow, i resume work. Haha!!!

Peace out!