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Uhh, fuck off.

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Ghad, I haven’t been upset at work in a while now…

But today was different.

So I had a peaceful drive at work, parked at my usual spot, and clocked in for work. And in two second from clocking in, TWO SECONDS, Tsansa was detailing me about all the cases that needs to get in their department in the morning and I’m like, ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Doesn’t he have the common sense to at least let me settle before bombarding me with all these seconds after I clock in???


So at that point, I was already annoyed and told him that I’m already transitioning to a different work responsibility now and if he has questions, he needs to start telling it to the new person taking over my post. And then he went on that he doesn’t care what we do or changes we do in out department as long as his work is not being affected… blah blah. I swear, it can’t get any selfish than that, right? Coz that was from his own mouth.

So to just get away from him, I just told him that I printed a bunch of models yesterday and will check if all of them are good to go to the next step (so he can stop yapping).

Thankfully, most of my printed models turned out great! But there was one or two models that was kinda funky so before I reprint it and waste time and material, I asked him first if it’ll pass or not.

And when I get there, he asked me a thousand questions again. Like how come the models aren’t being printed right away like wtf dude. If you can stop being so self centered, you would realize that in a realistic world, it doesn’t mean that after scheduling a case, it will move around the department smoothly. There are gonna be hiccups here and there and because we are machine dependent, we can’t just speed things stuff up if we want to. There will be a lot of waiting until a print gets done plus the amount of work we get in, in proportion to the availability of the 3D printers, and I don’t have a lot, one end will suffer.

So for him not to figure that out, then he’s just too obtuse. And selfish.

Ghad. He even had an earful from Megan who was also a target of his nagging because JFC, the guy really needs to fuck off.