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It’s Been A Month

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Before you know it, baby Andy is not a newborn anymore!

Yerpz, I’m a mom now! It happened so quickly, I still can’t believe it. The journey was so bitter sweet. Like, I wanted it to be over but now that it was over, it was like it went by so fast! Is it possible that you kinda miss being pregnant? Like, you’re gonna miss the kicks and rolls your baby makes inside your belly when he’s still growing inside you. Sighhhhh…

But it finally happened, and we were so excited to meet baby Andy finally!

So anyway, before my memories fade away, I want to recount the moment before the baby was born. So, after a couple of months of being pregnant, I was diagnosed with a Gestational Diabetes Mellitus. So I tried my best to manage it and luckily, I was able to with the help of insulin. However, because of my condition, I would need to have an induced labor. They don’t want me to reach 40 weeks because the baby may grow too big and there are many complications for the mom and the baby if we reach that stage so we planned on getting him induced on May31, for a June 1 birth. That would have been exactly his 39th week. I planned for this a couple of weeks prior and honestly, everything was going smoothly. Heck, I even planned to work on the 31st coz I’ll be admitted at around 8PM that day anyway but well, I guess you can’t really predict and plan for something.

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