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[Review] Reply 1994

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Wow. This drama is brutal.

It definitely made you guess about Na Jung’s husband until the very end! It’s crazy! I actually wavered a little bit.

You see, I’ve always known that Na Jung and Trash are gonna be end game. The drama was designed to be just that.

They have history and genuine feelings for each other. You see the chemistry there too. Heck, they were engaged for fuck’s sake!

Who would’ve thought that towards the end, they would just drift apart and break up like that?

I was really shocked by it. For a special couple like them, you’d think that they’ll be able to make it through. That’s how it’s supposed to be.

But then it happened. And Chilbong happened.

It’s those one of those love stories where no matter how much time have passed by, if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.

And for a couple of episodes towards the end, the two of them seemed to be in a budding relationship. It was as if Na Jung felt this spark that could fire her feelings just as strong as Chilbong felt for her.

Only, those few days that they were together was just a way for her to realize that even after all these years, after all that has happened, it’s still always be Trash.

And although I feel so bad for Chilbong since he had to let go of his feelings a second time, I understand the choices that each of the characters made and in a way, I’m happy with how they ended each relationships.

I think all the couples’ relationship ended well and in their own time when their hearts are ready or have healed through time.

One of the highlights for me too, besides the awesome script with all the awesome casts, was the way that they intwined the characters from Reply 1997 and Reply 1994! Like… I was screaming from explosive joy and excitement!!! I thought they’ll stick to a short cameo in just one episode and that that ending… I was seriously blown away! The people behind the series is just so good!

Ugh. Nothing beats the Reply series, I fucking swear! All three installments have impressed and moved me so I’ll be awaiting for a new one if it happens. I’ll always be a fan!