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KBBQ and Today‚Äôs Meal Prep

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Yesterday, Ray and I met up with Oscar! It’s been two years when we last saw each other so it’s so nice to spend time together.

We had All You Can Eat KBBQ at BBQ Hut. Everybody knows my love for KBBQ so I was pretty ecstatic!

The place wasn’t packed so we didn’t have to wait to get seated. All of us were on time.

Oscar looked skinnier than before! And it looks good especially that he’s so tall too. He lost about 30lbs since he started his new lifestyle in March/April. He’s been doing biking, running and gym. His hard work really shows!

For our meal, I was the most excited and the person who ate the most too.

My ghad, those two guys I was with didn’t eat much! They were such weaklings! I could’ve eaten so much more but because those two weren’t, it feels… awkward.


When I go to these kind of places, I should invite my brother instead. At least I’ll get my money’s worth. I think I should invite him to go there soonish.

Anyway, I was supposed to make the spinach Korean side dish, sigeumchi-namul. But I was on Pinterest and saw another recipe to make.

For this week, I made Spinach and Mozzarella Egg Bake.

I haven’t tasted the dish yet but it looks really good and I’m excited to eat it tomorrow!!! I hope it’s gonna be okay so I can keep on making it. It’s not hard really, but because our kitchen sink is not functioning right now, the preparation is inconvenient in the kitchen. Oh well. At least I was able to make it :3

I’ll have grilled pork belly together with that so it’ll be a yummy meal for this week :3

Also, my signature breakfast food turned out sooooo perfect today! I was so shocked but happy!

Ahh… such a good day again. I feel relaxed, too. Hope the week will be good.