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K-Pop Star Finale 12-04-29

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Survival Audition K-pop Star (Korean: 서바이벌 오디션 K팝 스타) is a South Korean reality TV competition show where the three largest entertainment/talent agencies in Korea hold worldwide auditions to find the next potential K-Pop stars.

The three judges for the show are Yang Hyun-suk, founder of YG Entertainment and former member of the mega-popular South Korean act Seo Taiji & Boys, Park Jin-young, singer/song-writer and founder of JYP Entertainment, and BoA, a famous female singer from SM Entertainment. SM, YG, and JYP are the three largest record companies in Korea.

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K-Pop Star is about the only singing contest I’ve ever watched in a Korean reality TV. I guess it was because All K-pop started posting news about the contestants that got me hooked. But not just that, ultimately, the fact that BoA judges the show as SM’s representative was a plus factor to even get me interested!

I’ve been checking out the show once in a while and only until the explosive Su Pearls’ performance of “The Boys” made me root for them!!! Especially Park Ji Min and Lee Michelle. Honestly, there are definitely some hidden talents in this show, amongst the contestants! I was literally spazzing all throughout their entire stage of “The Boys”!!! I dare say they did it better than SNSD and omigosh, BoA was totally fangurling over them, too!!!! They were awesome, I tell ya!

As the unexpected success of Su Pearls soared, the group was again given a chance to showcase their team work by covering “Fame“. Like their previous stage, they received quite a reaction from the judges a second time!!!! They were literally fainting!!! I think nobody can throw the three top representatives of K-pop agencies (CEO’s nonetheless and the Princess of SME) the way Su Pearls did in their performances. I personally applaud them together with the whole Korean audience. A lot of praises has been given to this 4-member group and the audience were quite positive that if they were able to debut on the spot, they’ll be successful without a doubt.

However, two members of Su Pearls, Lee Jung Mi and Lee Seung Ju didn’t make it until the finals. In fact, they were eliminated early in the show. But the impact Su Pearls had as an experimental group earlier lingered. And who would have thought they will stand on stage once again together with Baek Ah Yeon and Lee Ha Yi? I was especially ecstatic about this special stage and they didn’t disappoint :3

Even the practice video was so worth the watch!!! I think because of Lee Ha Yi’s DERP face, of course! HAHA! She’s probably the most expressionless person ever… HAHA! But it’s a fun clip, really.

Moving on, as the finale loomed closer, I can’t help but have my own bias. That would be Lee Michelle and Park Ji Min. I wasn’t expecting Baek Ah Yeon to be amongst the top when she sang this Atlantis Princess rendition, but she did. Of course, as a BoA song, I have a high expectation for her that time but I got really bored instead… :c

But she redeemed herself when she sang “Run Devil Run” personally guided by BoA! I thought it was well crafted. It was to the point that I really, REALLY liked her rendition of the song!!!! She has the potential to be an idol with her face, body and singing voice but when it comes to projection, she was a bit lacking…

See? But during Baek Ah Yeon’s “Lady Marmalade” with TaeNy Taeyeon and Tiffany, she was completely devoured — ALIVE. It’s true that Taeyeon and Tiffany overshadowed Baek Ah Yeon. That’s without a doubt. But to counter argue that, it wasn’t because Ah Yeon was given lesser part, in fact, both Ji Min and Ha Yi didn’t get enough parts in their performances, too. But what made Ah Yeon more pathetic than the previous two? It’s because she didn’t have a good stage presence. She was even the opening act of the song. Even wearing a  white dress to separate her from Taeyeon and Tiffany. So if there’s anyone to blame, it would be herself…

But I can’t completely blame Ah Yeon for that. She’s an amateur without proper training. And standing between Taeyeon and Tiffany is really overwhelming. But isn’t it the whole purpose of this special stage in the first place? To test if these kids will get empowered by these stars’ power and stage presence. I think her confidence crumbled and couldn’t carry herself pass that barricade. It’s quite sad because she was given such an opportunity to shine. I guess it’s just annoying to see comments that blame SNSD for Ah Yeon’s lost. I mean, this is not even included in the final judging!!! Ugh! Anyway, if I were Ah Yeon, being on the top 3 is already something else. And performing together with TaeNy?! OMIGOD! I’d do anything to have the chance!!!!

OMG, I wrote this entry with the purpose of ONLY sharing BoA’s special stage with the Top 10 finalist of K-pop Star audition but I got a little carried away yet again.. Ugh! I hate it when this happens!!!

Anyway, a few days ago, K-pop Star had reached its grand finale. It was a great ending to a great show! It was nice to see the other finalists gather around and perform with everyone, even with the judges themselves! I’m not even kidding, this is probably the only show I watched RAW if only for BoA! And no, I don’t think I’ll do the same for SNSD. Especially for an hour long show.. But it was so worth it!!! I had fun watching BoA and everyone else!!! And OMG!!! BoA’s special stage with everyone was the most amazing of all!!! The slow version of No. 1 was so good!!! I had the chills just listening to it! And when BoA finally joined the kids with her opening line.. Omigosh! It was the most refreshing thing ever!!! And she looked so happy and proud of the kids and OMG… She was just enjoying the whole thing!!! Seeing BoA on stage, singing her songs, is probably one of the most nostalgic thing for me, too… I just miss her so much!!! I’m just patiently awaiting for her new Korean and Japanese album… I have high expectations!!! Her “Hurricane Venus” album and “Milestone” single was great! I’m due for more BoA goodies!!!!

But for now, I would have to satisfy myself with this (click link for an eargasm and visually stimulating performance):

No. 1 + One Dream

And oh, just in case any of you are curious, Park Ji Min won the competition!!! Lee Ha Yi was great, too!!! I won’t be surprised if both of them would be casted by any of these agencies :3 Best wishes!!!

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Fast Facts:

I MISS BOA!!! BoA is my lifeeee!!!! BoA is my everything!!!! I love BoA forever and ever!!! BoA, still our No. 1!!!!!