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I love my job. I love my job. I love my job. I love my job.

This is not a mantra. I really do love my job!

It’s not everyday that you find a company where you feel you’re growing and being an essential part of them. I’ve worked for my company for over 4 years, the longest I’ve ever stayed with a company.

And everyday is a good day, really, until this person joined our department and just made it hell for me.

I really hate her. She’s the type of person who will complain a lot but don’t do as much as lift a finger to even try and solve her issue. Her favorite phrase when faced with a problem where she would need to use critical thinking is, ‘I don’t know.’

My ghad!!!! She’s honestly so useless.

Sure, she comes to work everyday, and on time. But the cases she does are only the easy ones. Super entry level. And she has the audacity to complain and complain as if her contribution is soooo important.

She complains that JS doesn’t clean up after his shift. She complains that she has to download from Aidite. She complains that me and Galaxy talk to the VP every time, she hates it when people leave cases in the scanned folder. She hates it that the system is slow. She hates it that she has to wait. She fucking hates every single thing and honestly, that negativity is so TOXIC.

I started feeling so drained even before I start my work because I know I’ll be interacting with her. She’s really gnawing into my life in ways that makes me so mad. I’ve started becoming the bad person too because I started noticing all her bullshit and start telling it to my manager.

And I think that’s exactly what makes me upset. It’s because I tell them all these stiff that could be grounds for her suspension or termination BUT NO ACTION IS BEING DONE!

Especially with the CAD Manager we currently have. He’s smart, sure, but he’s such a push over………

She let’s this snake manipulate him in way where she can get away with her bullshit. I see that sometimes, my manager starts snapping at her now but then he’ll be back to his old ways.

I honestly can’t respect him and more often than not, I’m annoyed with him. I think he’s the cause why I’m so stressed at work, just putting up with them.

At least with the CAM Manager who used to govern both department, he puts her in place. She knows to fear him and as a result, she is forced to figure out for herself. I mean, she’s been doing the same this for 2 years. You would think she’ll be a pro at it now but jfc. She’s still as useless as ever and I really wish she just disappears.

And then now, we have a new Operational Manager, the Italian one. And omfg. She goes to him to complain and complain again!!!

She complains that we always kick back stuff to her but not to JS. Like, did she ever think that maybe the reason why she’s getting a lot of kick backs is because… I don’t know… maybe she’s just doing her job correctly???


The Operational Manager told me that he doesn’t really believe her and she’s unsure why she’s like that. That maybe she’s nervous…

Well she should be! Because the VP talked to us and told us that if we feel, the CAD manager specifically, that she’s not fit for the position and that we would beed to let her go, he will support our decision…

Now, if only the freakin’ CAD manager would just do something about it!!! Ugh. Can’t even write her up for all her bullshit! Ughhh.

I really don’t even know up to what extent I could handle this any longer!!!! Ughhhhh. I just wanna scream!!!