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Saturday Good Vibes

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R came to our house with a lot of gifts for my family. My ghad. The ever so generous boyfriend.

He messaged me yesterday asking if my family needs a new fryer because they have an unused fryer just sitting around at their house. I offered to pay for it but he refused to get any payment from me.

And besides that, he also brought more food!!! Seriously tho. His family made this special pork feet because I mentioned it once that I like it. And they even brought clay pots to use and extra sauce for when we warm it up. Ugh. So kind.

I want to treat their family out as a thank you but they don’t even want to. Ugh. So generous.

And then we finished The Death Cure movie today. A really good movie actually, I was shocked. I guess it helps that they didn’t really follow the narrative of the novel. The movie executed the story better. They scrapped a lot of stupid stuff too. I was satisfied. And they gave more justice to Teresa’s character unlike the novel where they downplayed her character. Haha!

I watched a couple of episodes of My Hero Academia as well. Then hanged out with my neighbors a little bit, drank some wine and played some beer pong.

It was good :3